“Me and Frank was home a-bed!”

This was the way my Gramma Elsie started so many of her stories. Especially the ones that had to do with what her 5 prank-prone sons were up to!

One of their hobbies was tipping over outhouses in Indiana farm country.

I’m hearing Elsie in my head today, with a bit of editing.

Bill and I were home at work… when some folks with nothing useful to do hacked my Facebook account. (Again!) This time was a bit scarier.

First, please hear me say thank you to all of you who let me know you’d gotten a sketchy message. I’m truly grateful!

One of you… my wizard buddy, Veronica, sent me an urgent text saying Change your password now!

I did. Which took a bit of experimenting.

We chatted a bit later.

Apologizing for the blatantly age-ist reality, she explained that old-ish women were popular targets for people who, in my opinion, should cause trouble by spray painting bridges!

Then she went on to say that the up-side to this adventure (and the fact that it’s happened a couple of other times recently) is that it’s a sign that my message is being seen.

After a fair amount of swearing, I’m choosing to find that comforting.

I’m also choosing to model believing in my message enough to shake off the sh*t and tell you the story I meant to tell you today!

Here goes…

Please imagine that we’re starting over and the title at the top of the page now reads:

Up to my eyebrows…

On Monday, I was off to an unexpected appointment with a friend I hadn’t met yet. As I juggled my list for the morning to include getting ready to go outside… where it was cold… I had a new thought.

My new make-up strategy for intelligent masking would save time!

Moisturizer. Eyebrow enhancer. Done.

Another example of a helpful one step reframe with a big gold bow!

Now, please hear me. I’m definitely looking forward to a day when I can choose makeup based on what works for me in the moment, rather than what is safe, responsible, and considerate. Until then, my new strategy does have advantages.

It saves time and money and even the occasional bit of self-doubt.

This is learning I can use! At the very least, I can make situationally helpful choices, instead of being glued to the way we’ve always done it and what will people think?

And… punch line alert!

If I can do that in the context of heading out the door for an appointment, I can do it in other contexts, too!

And, to be blatantly obvious, so can you!

Which brings us to Medicine Basket… your way!

My Intentional Creativity® sisters, Natalie Moyes and Pearl, and I are sorting through our baskets for the very best tools we’ve learned to help wise and concerned folks like you act out of your very best knowing. (And maybe add some new cool stuff, too!)

In short, we’re Unsticking stuck stuff… beginning with stuff that we might fall over in the peculiar context of this moment!

The magic link is just below, with all the details and a very special deal for those who join the circle by January 31.

There are two things we can promise… there won’t be any outhouse tipping involved and the perceptions and tools you’ll gather will be ones you can use and share with those you love. Especially, your littles!

ps… here it is! The road to a future that works FOR you… Just click!

Medicine Basket… your way!

pps… community and creativity will abound! If you feel the glimpse of my Soul Fire painting calling to you, now is the time!

Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach