Taylor’s Big Girl Quilt

This one was a challenge! Another move, and another big girl quilt, twin sized. Taylor wanted pink. Mama said pink and purple. I like polka dots. I learned a lot!

One night I got online and started buying up juvenile-type pinky prints. Also lots of dots. Then the box came. The next morning I was off to Intown Quilters. I needed help!

I walked into the store, past the register, into the second room, and literally almost tripped over the fabric that turned out to be the focus fabric for this quilt. And, immediately, I knew the perfect pattern. Back to the “Geese in the Fields” block by Carolyn Griffin I had re-worked for my Liberated Wild Geese quilt.

Then things got exciting! I was busy laying out the pieces on my homemade “design wall” which is simply a flannel sheet cut to fit, hung through the top hem on a broomstick that fits perfectly on top of my fabric cupboard. Enter Sarah, our Newfoundland rescue, who had been with us just two days. She wanted to be by me so laid down just at the bottom of my flannel sheet, rolled over, and pulled all my carefully positioned blocks right down on top of her! I started again and added quilting to the list of things Sarah needed to learn!


For this quilt, I added a gorgeous batik border and then a scrappy striped border with lots of my favorite fabrics. Fun. Easy. Lots of movement. Not at all juvenile. Perfect!

Again, backing and binding cut from a good quality, pre-washed flannel sheet. This one’s a binding fiddler, too!

Then I gave all the kids’ prints away!

Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach