Blog…Day One.

As it happens, I’m participating in “30 Days of Writing” led by Tyler Knott Gregson and Andréa Balt, from It started this morning. Imagine my amazement when I poured my second cup of tea, logged in, and encountered the writing prompt for today:

“Reflect over the past 10 years of your life and write the decade- younger YOU a letter, as if you were catching up with an old friend. Include 5-10 life lessons learned so far that you would share with this younger version of you.”

The moon is in the seventh house!
Here’s mine…What about you???

Dear Sue,

Have been thinking about you a lot lately. There are so many new things going on. But first, you were right!

Remember all that reflecting you did just after your surgery? I know that was a hard time and looking for new models and metaphors was really important. Then you did all that work figuring out what you wanted to do with the next part of your life. I actually still have some of your notes from that time. You said that you wanted to do the counseling, leading, training work you loved, make things, and—when the time came—be a cool grandma.

The best part of all is that you are a cool grandma! Grammy, actually. Kenzie is seven and Taylor’s almost five. They’re great! And they love reading and making things with you.

You’re making lots of things these days, too. Quilts, mostly. The bed kind and the art kind. You’re even learning to bead the one in progress now, which is working much better since the new glasses arrived! And it might go to a huge show. The girls love their big girl quilts and drag them all over.

Also, you’re making food. Soup stock. Lots of it. The real kind with bones boiled for hours and hours. Black-eyed peas for everybody at New Year’s. And you’re learning sprouted grains and cultured veggies. And Kefir. You’re even writing a cookbook!

In fact, you’re writing a lot again. It’s really another way of making stuff. At the moment, there are two books in progress. Then there’s the whole web site and blog thing. Bet you didn’t think you’d ever go there!!! It’s exciting! (And more than a little chaotic!)

You’re doing the same work, too—just differently. Coaching clients. Not so many. Some really interesting hypnosis stuff around health issues and surgery prep that feels significant.

There have been some challenges. Mom and Dad died. I’ve had knee surgery six times. Many days have been hard. They’ve also been a real push to keep re-evaluating where I’m heading. Just like you taught me!

In fact, I’ve learned a lot! We really don’t know “if it’s good news or bad news!” They left out quite a few important things in nursing school and seminary. Going with Alice down the rabbit hole is scary—and thrilling! “Retired” just means you get to be the boss. Kids need all the love and encouragement we can give them! And food is a really, really important issue.

Michelangelo said, “I am still learning!” And collecting tools for the journey along the way. That’s what the little quilt means. I’ll tell you all about it next time. For now, it’s time to swap the laundry around, walk the dog, and get back to the beads.

You did good!


Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach

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