Perspective is everything!

I’ve been overwhelmed this week with flashbacks to Fathers’ Day (and Mothers’ Day) in the years I was serving a local church.

The major expectations.

The stories no one else knew.

The family that lost a son to AIDS.

The folks longing to be parents.

The families going through divorce.

The parents whose kids had huge physical and mental health challenges.

There just aren’t enough Hallmark cards in the world to make all the pain better on days when everything is supposed to be all warm and cozy.

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Floating in a sea of change…

In theory, I’m ok with change. My neurolinguistic programming friends would say I sort for different, which means I like variety. Except when I don’t!

I like variety in food a lot. This occasionally becomes challenging when married to a guy who likes sameness, especially in food.

I like variety in books. And experiences. And quilt fabric. (Within certain limits!)

I like variety in decor styles. Some people might consider this a taste for randomness. I think of it as eclectic. And yes, the curtain rods in our living room are made of galvanized pipes!

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Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach