Super Powers, Part Two… and Pie!

Well, first let me say that acrylic paint is, quite possibly, a more forgiving creative medium than gluten-free pie crust.

IMG_4470Or, maybe, the whole pie crust thing will just take a bit more practice before it becomes one of Grammy’s super powers!

In any event, we had great times in the kitchen and in the basement turned art studio.

Our theme was Super Power Self-Portraits.

Big Scary Glazes were conquered by all!

Kitty Max, the resident Studio Angel showed up to help.

And we have two new generations of enthusiastic experts in the fine art of prayer dots. We made dots for the victims of the fires in California. And dots for a little girl living with leukemia. And dots for people who have lost beloved pets.

We made dots for people who don’t have enough to eat. And silent, personal dots. And dots for a soccer tournament. We also made dots for a few things that, given our proximity to Washington, D.C., should probably remain nameless.

I made dots for the wonder of super-girls rapidly turning into thoughtful young women, embracing new ways of expressing themselves and being part of the world community.

And, perhaps, just a couple of dots for sleep!

IMG_4453And, best of all, we did it together, which is a very Thanksgiving way to be, even if the pies needed a bit of work. (Though the cioppino and mashed potatoes were  really big hits!)

Who knows where we’ll be next year, or what we’ll paint in the meantime. Until then, I have a word.


Stay tuned… lots more info to follow.

For tonight, blessings. From all of us to all of you.


Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach