It seems I have a grandsnake.

This is not a blessed event for which I was hoping!

The granddog and grandcat are great. I’m good with the grandfish and grandlizard.

I’ve barely recovered from the dearly departed grandrats, Princess and Cinderella.

Just between you and me, I don’t miss them. And a boa constrictor doesn’t seem like much of an improvement.

Nonetheless, Bubbles is part of the family now.

I’m thrilled to see the big grins on my girls’ faces.

I’m less thrilled for me. And praying that Bubbles’ abode has a sturdy lock. Or two.

It’s one thing to encounter an escaped cricket, meant to be lizard lunch, in the bathroom. Snakes are a whole different story!

I’m not unacquainted with snakes. Quite the opposite.

Growing up in Florida, it was hard to avoid them entirely.

One summer I was snake-auntie to an indigo and a hognose at camp. Personally, I would have preferred arts and crafts but they went along with the job and I loved that job.

At the moment, I’m taking deep breaths and reminding myself that my girls are doing exactly what they’re supposed to be doing. Growing Grammy!

Helping me stretch beyond boundaries I thought were quite reasonable when it comes to small pets and new friends.

Helping me act out of love, rather than fear. Which, as I’ve learned lately, doesn’t necessarily mean I won’t feel some fear when confronted with Bubbles in the flesh!

I truly do believe there’s something to be learned here. Or at least a reminder that the ecosystem we call Creation is good. And fragile. And totally worth defending.

Even the snakes.

Snakes, perhaps ironically, have been seen through much of history as symbols of the creative life force. Of rebirth and transformation. Of healing and the continual renewal of life. Which helps, some.

Beyond that, I truly believe that my girls need support they can count on as they venture outside the box to do things we’ve never done before. (And we’ve never done snakes before!)

I just want to be clear about one thing.

I am NOT making Bubbles a quilt. No way. No time. No how.

Though I’ll happily give the girls another lesson!

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