Portals… or Trust, part next!

Well, I have returned from my huge adventure!

In many ways, it feels like a return through a cosmic portal. At least portal was the word that came to mind during a very long couple of days getting here!

The Legendary Husband is the local expert on sci-fi fantasy things so I asked for some background info. We wound up at an episode of Stargate. I watched enough to know that the people vanishing into tunnels of light and sound, only to be plopped out in other places, was a reasonable metaphor for what I’m feeling!

Here’s what I do know… the return trip was another huge adventure in trust. Three airports. Very little sleep. An inner suitcase full of previous experience with lost. And falling. Delayed flights. Broken elevators. And the need to deal with a whole lot of the navigation on my own.

Blessedly, while wandering around Heathrow with a boarding pass tagged “unaccompanied wheel chair user,” I survived all the security bit and set out to wait. A lot. And I found a piece of familiar!

The very same Gordon Ramsay Plane Food restaurant I had discovered all the seeming eons ago when I was still on the way! And the manager remembered me. And so I camped, at a small, out of the traffic table with a big pillar right next to it… the perfect hitching post for my wheel chair!

The food was really good. The servers were kind and didn’t rush me. The manager actually offered to reserve my table so I could make a quick trip in need of other other necessary things.

I nested there for about 6 hours, in a place where I felt safe. And left grateful tips!

Then, back into the fray!

Figuring out which gate I needed was a challenge. Finding it was another deal all its own. Including the indoor train adventure with me pushing the wheelchair!

After a lot more yada yada and another delay or two, I was finally in my seat, time zone perplexed and kinda wishing for the ruby slippers!

We won’t even get into overseas arrivals and baggage claim back in Atlanta! Finally, I found Bill, and a considerate young man offered to help us out to the car, even though that was quite an extension of his usual task. (More grateful tipping!)

And, eventually, a pillow.

Grandmother Moon, it seems, missed me, for she had much to share!

Her biggest point was that I managed all of the above challenges because I was trusting in the Divine, much bigger and more power-full than myself.

And then she reminded me of a pre-trip ah-hah in some recent writing.

In partnership with the Divine, I create. And walk the Way of Love.

It’s aspirational, for sure. It’s also Intentional! And that’s a really big thing when we let it be!

And then she gently suggested that, rather than trying to explain portals, I might share some with you from my journey!


The one at the top is inside the abbey at Alet-les-Bains, where we spent two glorious evenings.

The one just below is a glimpse of what re-entry actually looked like!

And the one with which I’ll leave you for this moment is the utterly incredible portal to lots of Divine knowing… David Bailey. (I brought some home!)

ps… you, dear heart, have probably already guessed that trusting in myself was also involved in this adventure! Let’s just say that my filters were undergoing some really helpful editing!!! Wanna know more? The calendar elves are back at work! 45 min. My gift. Your dream!

pps… want more music? Find David Bailey HERE!

ppps… do you think maybe Grandmother Moon is a portal, too???

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  1. So glad you had a great trip. Isn’t it wonderful what can happen when we trust the Divine completely? I’m SO learning to do this, and can see some joy on the horizon.

  2. Welcome home; though as your adventure revealed, leaving home makes the place to which we return, not the same as it was before.

  3. You pushing the wheelchair. Had to chuckle. That would have been me. I also carry a walking stick but it seldom touches TBE ground! Glad your adventure to France and TBE Black Madonna went so well.

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