Not Just Any Old Tuesday

It’s 8:28 pm on Tuesday, February 11.

Daniel, the Golden Retriever, just won the Sporting Group at my version of the Super Bowl and the Oscars, combined – The Westminster Kennel Club Show.

Several of my other favorites did really well, too.

The Working and Terrier groups are still to come. (Go, Newfie!!!) Some truly awesome Junior Handlers. Then, of course, Best in Show.

One of the newer 4-footed kids, the Lagotto Romagnolo, is an adorably scruffy looking dude with short dreads whose main job it is to hunt for truffles in Italy. And perhaps soon in Georgia! He went home sad tonight. Truffle fan that I have become, I was sad, too.

In addition to intriguing facts like that, and thanks to the miracles of modern science, I can also tell you that Bernie Sanders is leading as the early returns come in from New Hampshire.

I started showing in the breed ring about a year before I was able to start voting. As you may have suspected, I have some pretty passionate opinions about candidates as well as dogs.

Here’s the hard part…

Tomorrow, Daniel will still have won the Sporting Group. A couple more awesome dogs will have won their groups, too. And the Shetland Sheepdog and the Havaneese and the Whippet will all have won their respective groups on Monday night.

And, tomorrow, we in the USA will still have a very long, hard road to November. A road that is almost guaranteed to be filled with both disappointment and hope, and — compared to Westminster — regrettably short on sports”man”ship.

The Legendary Husband wandered through a few minutes ago and observed that our Luther is an agility dog. He’s totally right, in that Luther’s favorite place to snooze is on the kitchen floor and we get more agile climbing over all 145 pounds of him. (And sometimes more sore!)

As for me, I spent quite a bit of today working on my Legend painting. (And consulting on the latest plumbing project!)

Legend is all about our journeys through life. About where we find our truth and how we move beyond the things that may have held us back and “who” inspires us along the way.

It’s kind of an intense process, complete with drips and tears, and I have more to do tomorrow.

When you get right down to it, all of us who are paying attention and living in hope, even on the hard days, have more to do tomorrow, tears or not.

Part of my list includes an Experiment. Say tuned…

ps… Phoebe made me promise to tell you that the Newfoundland was, indeed, gorgeous. And, in case you’re up for a bit more hope in the midst of reality, check this out. Would Phoebe steer you wrong?

pps… Just in cased you missed it, a totally stunning black standard Poodle named Siba took Best in Show last night. Not the breed of my heart, but when she gaited around the ring she looked like she was wearing winged sneakers! I’d have put her up, too. Which suggests, I suspect, that the good guys are alike in more ways than they’re different. I’m just sayin’!


Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach