MOTB – 2

Hoping you read Sunday’s post, Does anybody really know what time it is?  (Or click to read now!)

I was fired up!

And I started out with a big list of Make One Thing Better plans.

Some of them had to do with harassing politicians about health care.

Others, with the current list of making a small house work better projects.

You get the drift.

Then, Sunday evening, while I was talking to a rescue buddy about making food better for the beasties, I got my feet tangled up in a quilt (Not one of mine…they would never do such a thing!) and fell down.

Freddy, as the old Camp story goes, is fine. Me, too. Or, I will be.

Let’s just say, in this moment, that sitting is not an enjoyable activity.

And my MOTB list has needed some adapting.

I did manage to harass a few politicians. (Miracles of modern science!)

I’ve gotten a bit of important paperwork started.

I’ve caught up on a bit of sleep, thanks to some pain meds and the fact that I’m closest to comfortable in bed.

All the things that were on my list are still there. Along with getting this rather abbreviated blog post up. (My fancy eyeglasses make typing while lying down a real adventure!)

It seems to me that for most of us, at least part of the time, life is about doing the best we can in the moment where we find ourselves.

I found myself on my butt. And hobbling. With plane tickets for a Grammy adventure coming up!

So, for the moment, making me better has moved to the top of the list.

What’s going on in your world? What does it mean for your MOTB list? I’d love to hear. (Keep scrolling down to find space for comments…)

For now, I’m back to bed.

Much love, Sue



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  1. Does “Grammy” mean music adventure, or Grandmother adventure. Hope your butt is well enough to go, either way. Epsom salts, dear.

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