Life is for learning… and I get to choose!

True confession…

I have LOTS of practice at the good student thing. (Okay, let’s skip over the whole Hebrew grammar adventure!)

I was really good at reading and writing. Numbers, not so much. Biology went a whole lot better than physics!

Now that I know about things like brain development and perceptual patterns, I feel better about some of those things that didn’t go so well. I wasn’t bad at math, so much as my brain needed more time to grow into all that. You hear me…

And, yes… the Fiercely Compassionate Grandmother who lives in me gets clear to livid at the people in the world trying to decide what we should all think and what we can or cannot choose.

Fortunately, before I chased that rabbit too far, there was painting to do!

My new elephant friend has chosen a name. Matilda! And, she was kind enough to offer a few suggestions for “finishing” touches. Here’s a current peek…

And, the photo at the top is yet another new adventure beginning! First, though, a brief trip in the way-back machine…

Do you remember Bob Ross? The guy who gave painting lessons on weekend TV?? And wanted everything to be happy???

I loved what he demonstrated but it got drowned out, in my mind and heart, with the loop in my brain which reminded me, over and over, that I was not the artistic kid.

These days, I know more.

  • Mom was trying really hard to be helpful!
  • Sometimes new things are possible if we allow ourselves to try!

Fortunately, there is lots of painting to do! Painting about noticing & wondering. About allowing. About being open to surprises… to what is real and true for me!

And, it was just what my brain and I were longing for.

It works like this… think a thought in words. Like the Intention for a painting, or vessel, perhaps, or love light.

Then, move your hand to paint. Brush. Fingers. Sprigs of rosemary. Whatever…

And, then, see what appears on the canvas.

Suddenly, the major processing patterns of your brain are all working together to create newness!!!

Not just the image on the canvas, though that’s a huge wonder! But, also, new neuro-pathways! It’s a bit like creating new connections between different parts of your brain. Or, if you prefer, upgrading your software!

I think of it like creating new little neuro-fountains of curiosity, right there in my awareness! And that, dear heart, feels hugely important in this world.

Matilda agrees! And she’s really busy writing the table of contents for that new book in my head!

For today, though, Matilda and I have a question for you. A real question!

You can leave us a comment, below. Or email me!

And, stay tuned… new opportunities come from new neuro-pathways!!!

ps… Saturday would have been Mom’s 89th Earth birthday. Last night I dreamed she and Matilda were making friends!

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