Following Alice!

Do you know how this feels?

Peeking behind a curtain, curious, and a wee bit anxious? Not sure what you’ll find… and compelled to find out?

Yep! #apothecary! Part NEXT…

And, wow… did I get surprised!!! The kind of surprised that sometimes comes when we allow ourselves to hear what other eyes see.

First, though, a bit of a dot review. More following than controlling. A riff on an old Quaker teaching, word by word. Hope, in the midst of unavoidable tragedy.

Over and over. And over and over.

And, then.. the parentheses marks around the dots. Another, even older, old story. The punchline goes like this…

Then, I got really brave and shared my progress with other travelers on the road.

One of those other travelers – who clearly knew more old stories – commented that she saw Ganesha. Research was in order!

Ganesha – or Ganesh – is the elephant-headed god in Hindu Religion and symbolizes protection and the removal of obstacles from one’s path. (Thank you, Google… we didn’t cover this in nursing school or seminary!)

That’s a message I’ll gladly receive!!!

All of which felt even more aligned when I reminded myself that the #apothecary painting is part of a larger journey known as #animystica.

Sleep was definitely in order! And, dreams. The whisper-y Grandmother Moon kind of dreams.

And then, more paint. The Big Scary Glaze kind that changes many things!

So… drum roll, please! I have a book title! And I’m close to having cover art. (The #wip has graciously volunteered!) And the content already lives within me. It’s just been looking for a container deep and wide enough.

The next right thing is even more Big Scary Glaze. And an alabaster jar.

Oh! The line for joy and pleasure appeared from above and became a vessel, too! It just needs filling with stardust soup!

This has been quite the Squeegie Hunt. And – remarkably – I’m not afraid!!!

Perhaps that’s why I’m humming something pretty close to Go Tell it on the Mountain!

ps… also bought a domain name. My new book title! The Art of Overcoming Obstacles®. Stay tuned!!!

pps… if you’ve been hanging around a bit, you may detect a hint of Filters! You’re absolutely right. And there’s more to come!!!

ppps… just in case you missed part one of this adventure, just click here to be magically transported!

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