Language CAN create reality!

Bernie Sanders was running for President when the first version of this poem appeared in my heart. I had volunteered to help at a rally, held on the campus of Morehouse College, in Atlanta.

Fast forward to this Friday night when Grandmother Moon whispered some updates in my ear. I’ll bet you can guess why! (Sometimes her voice sounds oddly like Bernie’s!)

Grandmothers’ Lament

All over the world, children are crying.

Children dodging bombs in Ukraine.

Children whose homes burned in Canada.

Children shamed and blamed and outcast in America.

All over the world, children are crying.

Children robbed of their families by gun violence.

Children robbed of their health by toxins everywhere.

Children robbed of their identities by false theocracy.

All over the world, children are crying.

How do we shut out their cries?

How do we not act?

Are we heartless?

All over the world, children are crying.

We who do care feel hopeless in many ways.

Rendered voiceless by the power of vested self-interest.

The power of greed.

All over the world, children are crying.

Hungry children.

Homeless children.

Abused, molested, victimized children.

All over the world, children are crying.

It is not our not caring that renders us helpless.

At least not mostly.

And yet we shout, silently, in the face of those who worship power.

All over the world, children are crying.

While the mighty grow rich waging war.

While the mighty grow rich selling influence.

While the mighty grow rich killing the Earth.

All over the world, children are crying.

Let us take our fingers out of our ears.

Let us open our eyes in the light of day.

Let us shout until we cannot be ignored.

All over the world, children are crying.

Let us dare to hear.

Let us dare to hope. Let us dare to act.

Amen. Amen. Selah.

slb 2023

Ironically, perhaps, I was honored to lead a circle Saturday afternoon for women on the journey known as Rosa Mystica. We have spent the last month exploring the holy oil of Compassion.

Interesting timing, given the news! And power-full work!

I’ve gone through a whole bunch of Compassion Oil! And, I’ve come to a new state of being…

Fiercely Intentional Compassion!

I’m not quite sure what that will look like over time. I do know it feels true.

And that’s a start!

So is this… happening on my easel. And my hands. And the bottoms of my feet!

I have 2 granddaughters trying very hard to grow up in this world!

ps… longing for some new tools for your medicine basket? For a Mystic Medicine Woman to help you set aside limiting beliefs on your journey to the place where Frederick Buechner said your great longing and the world’s deep need meet? Let’s talk! My calendar’s a bit crazy at the moment but the elves will hook you up with 45 minutes, my gift, to contemplate making good trouble! Red thread, paper & markers, and a cuppa will be handy!

pps… it’s art-leggings time! Lots of variety… and Pride leggings now available in 5 size ranges! Use code BUY 2 – SAVE $8 for a discount when you choose 2 pairs! There’s FierceArtWithHeart for you and those you love!

Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach

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