Instead of lions & tigers & bears…

It’s luggage & shoes & ancestors… oh, my! (Also, needles!)

And, yes… it’s Work in Progress Wednesday in my world!

I have two trips coming up. One to hug my kids!!! (And practice the logistics for the other trip.)

The other… to the land and history of my deep way-back lineage.

I’m really excited! And more than a bit anxious. You see, it’s also pain flare time and that makes everything harder.

My physical therapy team is on it! There’s this mysterious adventure called dry needling which looks rather like acupuncture, with a different theory behind it. It’s not much fun. And it helps.

So, extra space in the calendar for needles and subsequent feet-up time.

Then there’s the whole packing thing! Like, how I will physically manage what I actually need, especially on the “big” trip.

You’ve met Sarah, the rolling walker thing.

She’s excited!!! And I’m grateful. Also a little concerned about how she’s going to get from here to there with me. Hence, practice! (I am totally a muscle memory kind of learner!)

My knees and feet are insisting on extra help so there’s a stack of hinged and stretchy and squishy things at the ready.

My inner artist is unamused by my current plan to limit her packing to camera, sketch book, and artsy black markers. Only. We’ll see how that goes!

Then, there are the books! The ones related to the ancestors. To the many, many things that they didn’t cover in nursing school or seminary. To the things which are appearing in my paintings. And, no, e-books don’t count for this adventure! (Well, not for me…)

If you get right down to it, this is all just an adventure in living intentionally!

From the why? behind the packing list to the how? which has me hanging with the physical therapists… it’s me being me. On purpose!

Which is exactly what I want to model for my girls!!!

So, necklace with recently collected Saint medals, check!

Epi-pens and inhaler, check!

Laptop… and adapters and … well, duh! (There’s ALWAYS writing to do!)

Even eco-friendly laundry sheets!

And, in the land of Intentional Creativity® … space in my whole being for what I will claim and bring with me to my easel. Legend and Origins are about to begin!

ps… the photo at the top is a very early sketch of my first Legend painting! (@2017/18) I love Legend! Can’t wait to see what this 6th journey brings! Curious???

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Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach