It’s rabbit hole time again!

One of my favorite dogs, growing up, was a golden retriever named Alice. She’s been on my mind the last few days.

I suspect it’s because I’m headed for the rabbit hole again. (Yes, we’re free associating, here!)

Alice was my friend through a variety of tween/teen moves and changes and how-the-hell-will-I-ever-fit-in experiences.

Tomorrow, it’s time for another of those.

I’m headed to a deep dive Qigong retreat.

Now, for those of you who are about to ask what Qigong is, I’m going to start with the fact that it’s kind of hard to explain.

An eastern energy/movement practice, as I’ve learned it from Spring Forest Qigong founder, Chunyi Lyn, I think of Qigong as being a blessedly needle-free experience, somewhere between acupuncture and yoga in its mysterious healing effects on practitioners, but with less emphasis on actually being on the floor which I consider to be a very good thing!

(Apologies, Chunyi!)

Or, in a somewhat more theological sense, it’s a mystery… at least to me.

Let’s just say that, back when I was in nursing school, nothing in my well-worn copy of Gray’s Anatomy explained the impact of opening the flow of energy in the body.

But, I’m okay with mystery. And so I’m getting on a plane, headed for the land of my birth. The land of Garrison Keillor and the “hardy Vikings” of my family’s oral tradition.

We’re going to meditate and bounce and pat with cupped hands and, generally speaking, open up what’s blocked, energetically.

I must confess to being a bit out of practice. My friends at Learning Strategies are more than willing to help, by graciously hosting the retreat.

Clean, healthy food. Time enough for sleep. Gentle encouragement to leave the work at home.

(Well, two out of three is pretty good!)

On my packing list… all natural mosquito repellant. Mineral sunscreen. A hat! An essential oil preparation for muscle and joint relief. My intentional walking shoes. Some socks with the rubbery bottoms for bouncing. And a stunning, bright red shawl for meditation, in case I get chilly.

Also an apron. I’m the designated sous chef!

Am so looking forward to exploring the stunning gardens, a house sheltered in the earth, and — wait for it — the Frogyrinth!

Watch for pics and tales of the frogs.

Healing, as they say, comes in many forms. I’m for what works!

And the fitting in thing… these days I’m more for just showing up!


2 comments on “It’s rabbit hole time again!”

  1. Happy Trails to you! Your retreat sounds wonderful! I’m originally from WI and didn’t realize you’re a fellow midwesterner. Cool. No wonder I resonate with you and your words. You’re doing great work.
    Aloha, Patrice

    1. Thanks, Patrice! Great to hear from you. Your work inspires me as I’m learning more and more about Intentional Creativity!!!

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