It’s going to take a LOT of lemonade!

I feel like I’m being stalked by lemons.

First there’s the when life gives you lemons line. After much contemplation by all the adults, and considerable conversation about what the girls might be learning, we’ve decided to postpone our Thanksgiving togetherness plans for a safer time.

I wholeheartedly believe it’s the right decision. It just hurts like hell. Or, as the title implies, it’s going to take a big bunch of lemonade to make it feel better.

However, I did promise you my magic Turkey Timeline and I haven’t forgotten. Just one more lemonade story on the way…

You see, I’ve been busy learning new things. I was sitting in a Zoom meeting when Charlie Brown’s friend/nemesis, Lucy, popped into my head.

It took a minute to make the connection, until I remembered Lucy’s “lemonade” stand where, now and then, “the Doctor” was in. And (Don’t laugh!) I suddenly found a couple of mental puzzle pieces which felt like they’d been hiding under the couch for quite a while.

You’ll have to wait for the details. Let’s just say, for now, that there is lemonade to be made, even in this world, and I’ve got a recipe!

So, without further ado…

Sue’s Magic Turkey Timeline…

We’re going to work backwards… First pick the time you want to eat.

ie. 6:00 pm Thursday

Start Cooking @ 2:00 pm (Yes! It’s both possible and fabulous!)

Brine bird @ 8 – 10pm Wednesday (If your bird is still a bit icy, no worries. Brine on!)

Wednesday at dinner – if, like us, you want wild rice dressing, you could cook the wild rice while you’re fixing dinner on Wed. It keeps well in fridge.

Set bird to thaw (IN FRIDGE) Monday, about lunch time.

This magic formula assumes you’ll roast your turkey like we do. (You really, really want to!) Recipe to follow on Sunday. OR, you could get a digital download of We Gather Together, here, and you’ll know (almost) all my secrets!

ps… The photo is my Vivid Legend painting today. Otherwise known as Grammy Learning New Things!

pss… Some of that “lemonade” I mentioned could make a great gift for someone really special! You can email me at and ask to be on the first-to-know list…

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  1. Sitting in disappointment as I was going to get to hold my new great granddaughter on Thanksgiving:( now not so sure but need to remember that I am not alone with disappointment. I am trying to find a small bird to cook and at this time not much luck and Jim and I certainly don’t need a 12-16lb one. Maybe Pizza well, we will wait and see. Thank you for your words

    1. My new grand daughter was born March 6 and the world shut down the day she came home from the adoption agency… still no hands on contact and I am sitting with you empty lapped!

  2. It can’t have been an easy decision to make Sue, but I hope it’s the caring and compassionate one. Hopefully, you’ll be able to have at least some interaction with your family over the holiday period. Wendy and I don’t eat a lot of turkey – with only the two of us they are too big really. Occasionally we’ll get a turkey crown for Christmas as a change though.

    1. Thanks, Stephen, for hearing! We’re planning Zoom times. (Just between us, I’m not the turkey fan around here. I just want the bones for broth!!!) Be well, Brother!

    2. We survived, thanks! Baked virtual apple pie via FaceTime with the girls. Will take them any way I can get them! Hope you and Wendy are safe and well!

  3. We cancelled our gathering in a huge room where the ceilings are 35ft high and 10000 feet of floor space…. cuz we listen to the people who are smarter than we are….

    Now my head is reeling about what to cook for two… small turkey ordered… dressing and veggies… so many adjustments

    Put me on that list of the first to know… my pieces are under the couch too and i haven’t cleaned there yet!

    1. I hear you! I’m cooking things that freeze well!!! I will, indeed, put you on the list <3

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