Intentional Shoes!

I have spent a big chunk of the last 3 years listening to a guy tell a story about his dad.

The guy was the youngest son of 11 or 12 kids.

Each morning his dad would wake him early, saying:

Get up, Son. Get dressed. Put your shoes on.

That was his dad’s way of reminding him that there were important things to get done.

Last night, I listened to that guy tell the same story again. And tears rolled down my cheeks.

Tears of relief.

And, yes, this is a story which is a bit about politics. Georgia politics. And the guy who told the story got re-elected to the United States Senate.

It’s also a story about Intention. Of the Intentional Creativity® sort.

First, though, a bit about me you many not know.

I’m not much of a shoes kind of person. (Which explains why my feet are so often splattered with paint!)

I grew up in the land of bare-foot Florida.

And, when you’ve had knee surgery six times, putting shoes on – and taking them off – begins to be a hassle.

Fortunately, Daphne volunteered to help! Complete with my official Cosmic Cowgirl wannabe boots!

Daphne, by the way, means Victory!

So, here she and I are, with a bit of Bay Laurel essential oil rubbed in the vicinity of our 3rd eyes, ready to be Intentional about the future!

Some calendar adapting is step one.

More time for things I long, deep in my soul, to do. To be. To live.

Less time for oughts. For FOMO things.

And, yes, it takes a bit of un-learning.

Of un-believing.

Which can be a bit scary. But, for me, less scary than not!

Because there IS a lot of work to do in this world where all our beloved Littles are growing up.

So… here’s a question!

What might be different if we modeled believing in OURSELVES, and THEY got to see that???

I have, as you’ve no doubt guessed, some ideas about how we can do just that!

ps… you’re invited! I’m thrilled to be leading a workshop called Laying it down! on Dec. 17 at 2pm. Cowgirl boots optional! It’s free! And there are lots of other amazing events going on, too!!!

pps… the calendar elves have been busy making space for 3 new VIP individual clients! If you have a dream – a mission that matters a lot – it’s time to put your shoes on! 45 min. My gift. A cuppa and a bit of red thread would be handy. Just say it with me… I’m READY!

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  1. Six knee surgeries. I am up to four plus two arthroscopic events. Current knee is very angry. Hoping it is just too aggressive exercise and not infected.

    1. Oh, dear Fran… I so wish I didn’t understand that! Holding space for NOT infected and encouraging you to ask for help if fever, etc. (Sorry! Can’t help it…) Sending all manner of healing juju and dots your way!

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