I do, I do, I do believe in miracles!

I’m also pretty sure many of them are a matter of perspective.

As I write this, the Coast Guard is searching for 7 – 9 missing people off the coast of Key West after a boat was swamped by what is now known as Tropical Storm Elsa. Some 13 others were rescued.

In the part of Florida where I grew up and my family lives, the storm was less severe than predicted.

I’m sure that you have stories of your own about perspective and miracles.

Convinced, as I am, that Grandmothers Are In Charge Of Hope, I suspect that puts us on team miracle, too.

Not, to be sure, in the sense of the sequin spangled young woman who disappears in the magician’s trick box, but more in the sense of being willing to show up. To use what we know – our powers of experience – for good.

On Saturday, from 1 – 2 pm ET, Hobby Parent, one of my Grandmother-Elder buddies, and I are going to show up and share some of our powers of experience for good.

You’re invited!

A safe and hopeful place. Some red thread. Some time for a magical journey called MetaCognitive Drawing. And three concrete ways to help the kids you know and love. Especially, in this moment, the teens and young adults.

They are, by all accounts, in need of a few miracles about now. Because of that, our webinar will be free of charge.

We’re really hoping you’ll join in! And we’re hoping you’ll invite some friends… like-minded Grammy-types, school teachers, youth ministers, scout leaders…

One easy way to do that is to click the little box with the arrow at the top right of the page you’re reading and email it to your tribe. If you need more help, no problem! Just let me know.

(If you’ve known me a while, you probably noticed that the statement I just made is, in many senses, a miracle of its own!)

For now, the laundry machines are doing what they do. I’m going to need more than my red vest for the webinar!

The big dogs are napping.

There’s left-over soup for lunch, which is always a good thing.

And I get to hang with some Art-Sisters this afternoon. (I know a whole bunch more about miracles since I started hanging out in Intentional Creativity® land!)

Just in case you’re wondering, there will be a workshop a week after the webinar with more art-miracles to make!

For this moment, just click What the World Needs Now for all the info you need for Miracle-Saturday.

ps… you are a miracle!

pps… if you are in Elsa’s path, please watch the news carefully. These things change their minds!

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    1. Thanks, Karen, for your question. In the sense that it’s never to early to start, yes! And it’s quite possibly the most important thing I’ve ever learned. Come, listen, draw, ponder… all in the interest of hope. I’d love to know what you think!

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