From vulnerability… strength!

Let’s be real!

I have more practice at feeling vulnerable than I’d choose, if I could.

Not emotionally or artistically vulnerable, though I know about those, too. Physically vulnerable. Yesterday was one of those days.

First, the good news! I woke up in the morning having actually slept well! A more successful experiment with a new weighted blanket helped. Also, I suspect, having pushed save on a big chunk of a current writing project!

Tea helped. And a bath/shower with sea salt in the water.

Then the phone rang with the decidedly unwelcome news that the elevators were out in my physical therapist’s office building. Eight flights of steps, up and back, was waaaaayyyy more adventure than I was up for! We re-scheduled.

That left me with some un-expected Santa-time. Also known as makin’ a list and checkin’ it twice.

Well, maybe 87 times! It has to do with my planned trip to France this summer. Never mind that I don’t speak the language. It’s the there-and-back part that scares me!

Which is part of the whole physical therapy thing in the first place!

I briefly contemplated going for a walk. I mean, it was pretty outside. Nothing falling from the sky except 20 tons of pollen! And the shiny red rollator-walker thing commonly referred to as the wheelie-go-dealie, or Sarah, was ready. A lot like its Newfie namesake who was nothing if not ready for walks.

Then, I thought again.

Using my new mobility toy helps me keep my balance while I walk and is much easier on my painting wrist than the walking stick. It also makes me feel vulnerable outside, walking around alone.

Part of that may be too much CNN. It’s also really good hearing and the challenges of our very urban village.

So, more tea. And a handful of emails to our County Commissioners with – you know – an opinion or two on a big decision they’re about to make for the neighborhood I already feel vulnerable in.

And, another idea!

Socks and sneakers in place, I headed off in the car to Kudzu… our local enormous vintage & collectable indoor garage sale. Actually, it’s a whole lot fancier than that! And, they have kind people working there who know me. And ramps!

Yep! Laps!!! Or, em-power-ment shopping!

First lap, pretty fast.

Second lap, a bit more relaxing… with sight seeing!

Then, another half lap, just because I could!

By the time I got home, I was tired. And proud! And, quite probably, stronger!!!

Is it the solution to all the problems in the world? Nope. Not even all the problems in my world.

Is it better? You bet!!!

Which, when you get right down to it, isn’t a bad day’s adventure.

And, in a whole lot of ways, easier than the – gulp! – photo shoot which someone had also placed on my list for today. You see, I have some more adventures in the works and I’ve noticed that a dose of anxiety often goes with adventures.

All things considered, though, it beats playing small! And, if you’ve been watching the news, it just might feel like it’s time for adventures among people of good will!

What’s on your list???

ps… what if the shift you need to get where you long to be isn’t as obvious as a rolling walker thing? I can help! The first step is you, me, and some actual or imaginary red thread in a Zoom room. 45 minutes. My gift. Just ask the calendar elves to hook you up!

pps… you know that trip to France? I’m going to need to pack. Light! And I’m packing stuff I designed!!! Come check it out!!!

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