Do you remember Saturday mornings???

Yucky cold cereal… the kind that made the milk look like melted crayons.

Cartoons. Specifically, battles with my sister over what to watch. (We had very different tastes!)

Rocky and Bullwinkle was among my favorites. And I loved the idea of the WABAC – read that wayback – machine. You know… setting the machine to some historical time and place and poof! Mr. Peabody and Sherman were somewhere else.

There were times, in those years, when I thought that would be a really cool machine to have.

I’ve had similar thoughts, lately!

My trip to France last summer was a whole lot like the WABAC machine. And, now I know more!

Today was a whole lot like that, too. A reunion sort of event down the road at Columbia Theological Seminary… my alma mater – a couple of times – and the place where the Legendary Husband and I met!

Let’s just say that many things have changed!

Blessedly, the red giraffe is still on duty.

The one off to the right side of the stained glass window in the chapel I know best, even though – back then – we didn’t do images.

In fact, images are still pretty rare around there. (I’m working on it!)

The music, however, has gotten considerably more fun. And diverse! Kind of like what happens when the WABAC machine is also the future!

And, yes, there was a bit of preachin’ involved!

Anna Carter-Florence was telling the story of Abraham and Sarah on their trip from Ur to Canaan. It was a very, very long trip with a rest stop of twenty years or so along the way.

And then she said something that surprised me! The notion that part of what slowed the travelers down might have been old certitudes that wouldn’t fit in the bags they packed for the trip to a new place.

Did you catch it?

It’s a Filters story!!!

And I suspect that you might relate to the notion of things which seem certain turning out to be simply excess baggage that we really can lay down!

There’s still time to join the party, just in case you could use some company on the road from…

If only… to I AM!

We start tomorrow, though, so you’ll want to hurry and check this out!

There was one more thing that popped into my mind while I was hanging in the WABAC machine today…

A bit of the 90th Psalm, which I learned when I was in Hungary in 1989, shortly before the Eastern Block fell…

The work of our hands, establish Thou it.

That takes a bit of layin’ it down, too! And we’ve got this!

ps… we’re making progress, the painting you see a bit of at the top, and I. And they have a name… Guardians of Fierce Compassion… then, now, always!

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