In case you forgot to lock your doors…

There’s an old joke that starts out in some small-ish town in a farming part of the country and goes on to ask, “Do you know the only time the people around here lock their car doors?”

“At church on Sunday, during squash season! They’re afraid sombody will leave bags of zuchini in their cars!!!”

If you’re a gardener, or grew up in a family of gardeners, you probably know that both green zuchini and their yellow cousins, often called summer or crookneck squash, tend to be enthusiastic producers, to say the least!

My garden is a bit behind, as usual. We don’t have a homegrown hoard of squash taking over the front yard, yet. A friend of mine, however, does. And she gave me some!

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Of all things, a Democrat!

You know…in these days I feel a bit like a poor, orphaned child adopted by the Hatfields and the McCoys. It’s the election!

As far as I know, three of my four grandparents, my parents, and a sizable number of my aunts, uncles, and cousins were or are Republicans. Many of those who have passed on seem to be Republicans still!

Elizabeth, my mother’s mother, worked full time for the state Republican party. She answered phones and came home with fingers bloodied from stuffing envelopes. Somewhere, among her things, was a rhinestone pin that read, IKE.

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Heavenly Handful Ravioli

Spring has sprung in the garden! (Though it’s supposed to be 34 degrees in the morning!!!) I’m having a blast.

About mid-February I planted the really early stuff. Carrots, radishes, turnips, along with the usual selection of greens. Collards, leaf lettuce, lots of arugula. Plus, the tops of all the root veg are delicious, too.

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From tiny seeds, hope!

I never went to kindergarten. I don’t recall ever growing a bean seed in a paper cup at school. (We must have lived somewhere else when it was time for that!) We never had a garden when I was growing up. Somehow, though, I’m fascinated with seeds.

The magic is happening right now in my garden!

Tiny leaves on the grape vines. Muscadines. We had our first real crop last fall.

Chives I thought had died, back with gusto.

The scent of rosemary and thyme hanging in the air, still heavy with last night’s rain.

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It’s Twins!!!

So, I’ve been busy catching/resting up after our big trip to see the kids over Mothers’ Day weekend. I’ve been trying to figure out how to boil it all down enough to tell you about it but I haven’t quite gotten there yet. Let’s say, for now, my heart is full. Details to follow!

Instead, a bit of a detour. Two tomatoes!!! This after years of frustration and rotting, squirrel tooth marked disappointment. Seasons of hopes dashed amongst miles of vines and no blooms. Hours of watering and composting and feeling as though I’d never get my Steel Magnolia membership card.

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Meanwhile, back on the farm…

Pardon my absence. Several things have conspired to keep me away!

After struggling for about a week with a dislocated rib, I wandered out to the garden the other day. Where, just the day before, had been gorgeous, tender baby collard greens, I found leaves full of holes and pitiful stems with no leaves at all. I was appalled!

Further investigation revealed caterpillars. Exactly the same color as the leaves and sitting just along the vein that runs from the stem up into the leaves. And, on the back, babies just waiting to get bigger and even hungrier.

The Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar this was not!

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