What’s on your list?

It’s 5:54 am, EDT on the longest day of the year and I am awake.

Frankly, this has far more to do with things rolling around in my head than it does with an ambition to see the sun rise on the Solstice, in case you were wondering.

I am, nonetheless, here, watching and listening.

We began with what passes for full dark in an urban neighborhood with street lights.

The very first bird chimed in, excited to sing up the sun. A tweet and then about four trilling sort of notes. Again. And again.

I realized I was grateful for the company.

And for the first hints of light. And the gentle glow of the white oakleaf hydrangea blooms.

And the rest of the bird chorus, pitching in.

And the delicate balance of our planet home.

So, I decided to keep going with my list.

I’m grateful that Luther is still sleeping, which is a big improvement around here.

For my favorite mug, fragrant with hot water and lemon.

And for the instant hot water faucet in my kitchen!

I’m grateful for the comfort of my favorite shirt. And chair.

And that I’m moving more and hurting less, which has a lot to do with good, local food.

And that Luther is still sleeping. (See above!)

And for Bill, who is also still sleeping, which is another big improvement around here.

I’m grateful for Sarah, who has decided to welcome the day with me.

And for Phoebe who is just quietly being Phoebe.

I’m grateful for air conditioning.

And for my kids. All four of them.

And for an idea about a gift for Kenzie’s 10th birthday which is fast approaching. (How did that happen?)

I’m grateful that my girls are growing up in a time when they can claim their own dreams and be who they are.

I’m grateful that they’ve taught me to speak out for them and for all our kids.

And for remembering, in these moments of dawn, hushed now with the early light, the things that matter deeply to me.

And for my family. For the stories that knit us together through time and life.

And for teachers becoming friends and friends becoming teachers, all busy re-claiming wholeness in the world.

I’m grateful for huge inspiration in a book I just discovered and for the new friend who gave me the hint to go hunting.

And that Luther is still sleeping!

And that I can see, when I look with my heart, the beauty in the rain-damp, cloudy day appearing outside my window, a-flutter with birds going about their business.

And for the promise of lunch today and time to catch up with a friend.

I’m grateful for all of you who are reading these words.

And for all the help it takes to make this writing thing work.

Is it possible that the birds are singing Amazing Grace?

I wouldn’t rule it out!

What’s on your list?




Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach

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