Blepo! (Really…)

I really need to get my eyes checked, lest I wear my glasses out with the on/off routine.

The Legendary Husband spends a good bit of time following me around, turning off lights.

All of that is true.

It’s also true that one of my favorite Greek words – and the first one I actually understood – is pronounced Blepo!

It means I see!

And, I do. In ways which, frankly, amaze me…

If you squint really hard at the painting, beneath my Muse’s left eye, the word is written there in Greek. If you squint even harder, you might notice two other Greek words for seeing… for there are many ways to see.

For instance, I’ve been – literally – dreaming this blog post for about 3 nights, now. And I’m grateful for the help! Mothers Day is a challenge. At least for those of us who have ways of seeing which go beyond greeting cards!

And, in my dreams, some of my friends showed up to help.

First, Steve, whose name may feel familiar if you’ve been around more than a week or two. (If you’re new – welcome! – and buckle up!)

Here’s the quote, which I learned from the mouth of Dr. H. Stephen Glenn, when my own son was about 4 years old:

If a teenaged child has 5 adults who will listen to them, take them seriously, and not shame or blame them for their questions, that child is practically immune from ever attempting suicide.

And, yes, my life changed!

I want to be one of those five adults for as many of our kids as I can. And it’s going to take a lot of us, so I spread the word!

Then, Shiloh Sophia McCloud, with her updated poem for this day, titled:

Happy Mama Day to All Kinds of Mamas

It does, indeed, take all kinds of Mama-ing to help our Littles bloom!

And, these days, it takes a tribe of Mama-types willing to speak out for all the things our world – and our people – need. Like Daphne, my Mama Bear buddy!

Each of us will see those needs differently. It’s called Filters! And it helps a whole lot if we get clear about which of our personal filters are helping and which are – perhaps – holding us back!

That’s a bigger conversation than we have space for today, so… a couple of glimpses into my album of filters…

This one – from just about exactly 16 years ago – is me and my mom, Sally, at the Florida baby shower for my first granddaughter, who was born in Scotland. I invited people to bring books and cd’s so that I could take them all on the plane, along with other necessities hard to find in Glasgow.

And this one – from this winter… Liberating Lily! A whole lot of my filters and symbols in a way that amazes me utterly!

I’d love to know what you see in this moment, in this place! (If you scroll on down, there’s a place for comments. Or email me… )

For now… a very blessed and happy this day to you and yours, from me and mine.

ps… curious? The calendar elves will gladly hook you up with 45 minutes, my gift. Ask me about filters. Or being one of those five people. You’ll want a cuppa and a bit of red thread if you have some handy, and a notion of a place inside you that’s longing to be less stuck! Hurry, though! I’ve got some wandering coming up…

pps… watch for Turning Points 2, coming out soon! It’s an anthology project and my chapter is more about all the important stuff here! (And one of Lily’s cousins on the cover!)

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  1. So much to think about and so much is true here – makes the coffee taste better when I have something to do deep thinking about. Love the idea from S Glenn. Teens are so quiet and I know they are thinking at 100 mph… I just keep trying to chat them up! Blessing on you Sue!

    1. Thanks, dear Fran, for being you… and for hearing! Steve was a huge influence in my journey… blessings on you, too!

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