Babies Help!


I really, really, really do not like paperwork. I do not like it one bit! (This is me trying to avoid the h#te word.)

Despite my firm grasp of the alphabet, filing is not one of my favorite pastimes. I put things where I’ll be able to find them again and forget where that was. And there’s just so much of it!

I like paperwork even less when official agencies and authorities are involved. I have noticed, though, that into each life, some of these occasions must fall.

Today was one of those days. The birthday gift that keeps on giving… a hot date with the Division of Driver Services, slightly overdue. It was easier back in the day when all of this driver’s license nonsense could be accomplished, at least in Georgia, at a local Kroger store. When fewer documents were required. Sadly, not so much any more. 

So there I sat, in the inhospitable plastic chair, waiting for my number to be called, when I realized in an immediate sort of way that the DDS adventure was easier for me that it was for a whole lot of the folks sitting around me, whether they like filing or not!

You see, I look pretty much like the white, educated, native English-speaking, born in the USA grandmother with sparkly silver hair that I am. People address me as ma’am.

And, even more profoundly, I have the paperwork it takes to drive legally. To vote. To get on a plane. And get off where I wish. And the techno-toys to fill out most of the required forms at home.

Not everyone does.

The polite and helpful police officer stationed at the door had the hard job of checking with people to see if they had the required documents. One particular woman, with tears on her cheeks, asked again and again, “Really? All that? Who has that?”

The somber side of people watching in our world.

There were, however, babies. Lots of them. Time for World Peace!

I got busy waving at babies, right there in the DDS. And you know, they waved back. Just like they do at the big international Farmers’ Market or The Corner Pub or even at traffic lights. And their watchful adults smiled and waved, too.

All the while, kind and helpful people–mainly women–worked away, on this International Women’s Day, helping us through a process I’ll bet none of us would have chosen for this day.

Eventually, I left, victorious, temporary license in my wallet and about a dozen new friends in my perceived neighborhood.

This was kind of step one in a rather long list of paperwork that needs to happen in my world. Official things to update or replace. Banking. A new passport. I suspect I’m not the only one.

And I really, really, really do not like paperwork. I do not like it one bit!

It is just remotely possible that there are places in my life where that’s holding me back.

I’m willing to be changed.

Babies help!

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  1. Babies DO help- I would include at long lines in the post office! Babies and puppies are our saviors. And I, too, struggle with paperwork. My filing stack at work…… ) :

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