A Bountiful Harvest!

It was a busy day in the studio!  Women gathered for creating and reflecting.

A follow-up to September’s workshop on Abundance Muses.

We began with some noticing and wondering. What had been different since our last time together? A wild variety of answers with one thing in common… our intentions were actually changing things in our lives and the lives of those we love!

Some red thread.

And a new question. What might we be hoping to harvest in this season? As we pondered, rain fell gently in the garden which is a hugely hopeful thing just now.

Then, editing those harvest hopes into a one or two word prayer. You guessed it! Time for dots!!! Each dot a prayer…

IMG_6108I’ll admit it’s the first time I’ve prayed while embellishing the bottom of a pumpkin! Then some time for paint drying and lunch.

A big pot of harvest-appropriate butternut squash soup. Truffle potato chips, chocolates, cheese… reminders of Italy.

And more dots. This time on the tops of the pumpkins!

Plus a few spares for my first artists’ market, known as Bizarre Bazaar, scheduled for October 27th! (Stay tuned to see whether Bill and I can actually put up the tent!!)

After that, some time for our Muse paintings. Some light here. Some shadow there. Moons added in honor of tonight’s full Harvest moon.

A new technique here or there. Scary colors doing magical things.

The new studio table baptized in paint.

Lots of support and encouragement wrapped in stories of how we got here from there.

A visit from my CODEX moon, with some pointers on shading and highlights.

And a considerable amount of leaping over the studio angels, who slept on, lulled by their favorite drum music.

Then, some words from Shiloh Sophia McCloud’s Tea with the Midnight Muse.

Here are a few of those words (though I can’t do the layout justice) on the off chance that you might have some harvesting to do, too!

Fear Less, Love More

fear less… love more… doubt less… dream more… mock less… hope more…

hesitate less… dance more… pretend less… be more you…

think less… receive more

May Bounty shine on you and yours… Sue and Phoebe and Luther

6 comments on “A Bountiful Harvest!”

  1. Again, I came home smiles and energy and love – and Mike embraced and loved listening to my thoughts from the day. Thank you, thank you – I LOVE YOU, Phoebe, and Luther – Gwen (did I get that right – why don’t I remember??), and Laura – what a wonderful day!!!! I felt quiet a lot and enjoyed others doing the talking – but then glad to share a few things…..anyway, promise to look at my calendar tomorrow.

  2. I said, “I am so into prayer dots.”. Nadya said ,” go to Sue’s grandmother blog. She’s doing prayer dots on pumpkins.” Yay. Sue, I’m so inspired.

    1. Thanks, Linda! So glad to have you here… and to be a bit of inspiration! …………………………….

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