You’re Invited!

Dear Heart,

Welcome to the fireside of yet another dangerous old woman. Tribe of the Sacred Heart, as Dr. Estes would say. Many of us scar clan. More of us, in this moment, than perhaps any time we have known. And yet, still standing. Still dancing.

Which isn’t to say that it always feels like we’re still standing, let alone dancing!

When I was in nursing school, eons ago, we had a saying, if you’ll pardon me: Anything called a learning experience is sure to involve an enema!

I’m feeling pretty much the same way about the pandemic!

I have, however, been learning some new things. Or, rather, rearranging some old things in my head. All it takes is paper and markers, and a cup of something comforting. Oh, a Zoom hook-up! (Preferably updated to the new 5.whatever thing.) And some really good, really dark chocolate might be helpful, too!

You’re invited to join me! Our intention??? Accessing our super power strategies for unsticking stuck stuff.

Here’s a way to think about it.

Thirty years ago, when we were first married, Bill and I moved to Tennessee, where I had been called to serve my first church. A writer for the Nashville paper was running a series of articles on being an accomplished woman. (Feel free to roll your eyes!)

After the second piece I read, I had to tell Bill that it was hopeless. If, as the writer claimed, accomplished women need nothing Home Depot sells, it was never, never going to happen!

Now imagine, for a moment, that there is the mythical hardware emporium of your choice deep inside you, filled with exactly the tools you need just now. And you don’t have to trade in your great grandparents’ hand plane, which lives under a blanket of dust somewhere in your basement, to get new tools. You just need to engage with the stuck things a bit differently than you have been so far.


So, pick something that’s stuck. Or sticky. Or in the way. Then, email me to let me know you’re in for DATE, at TIME, for some tool shopping! A special first group only arrangement, limited to the first 10 brave souls, for a give what you can offering, benefiting International students at Columbia Theological Seminary, will be gratefully received via PayPal, or other arrangements by email request. No mask required! I’ll send your Zoom invitation, PayPal info and other details. BYO markers, etc…

You’ve so got this!

Dr. Sue Boardman

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