You might have to squint!

If your world is at all like mine, you might spend some of your time taking your glasses off and putting them back on, trying to find out whether the image is clearer, “One or two,” as the doc would say.

Even if things aren’t quite as complex at your house, you may need to squint a bit at the photo, above, to find the beginnings of a face.

This was the very, very early days of what became my third Legend painting. And Legend paintings are, by a huge majority, self portraits of a sort.

I’m quite a bit farther along with my (overly optimistic) attempts to paint something portrait-like of Congressman John Lewis and yet the big truth of Intentional Creativity (and, according to a different legend, Michelangelo) holds true.

I am still learning.

Some days that learning feels like the old Peter Paul & Mary song about a lemon tree. (Feel free to sing along!)

A sadder [one], but wiser now, I sing these words to you…

Much of the time I’m not quite sure what I feel or where I am on my path. Not because I’m no place, for which I’m quite grateful, but because I’m many places.

And how, when you think about it, could we not be?

Here’s what I do know:

I am a Grandmother…

A Dangerous Old Woman.

Dangerous in the sense that Dr. Estes means when she talks about standing in the danger – or protection – of a wise old tree.

My Red Madonna Psalms painting is turning into a tree.

And, about now, you might be wondering where all this is heading. Frankly, I’m right there with you!

Here’s what I do know. It is my path in this moment. I think it’s a safe bet that the world could use quite a few dangerous old women. (Old, being of course, an empowering thing!)

I can feel some invitations threading themselves together for the future. The near future. I’ll keep you posted!

For now, though, words, and glue, and John Lewis. And a big pan of shrimp and rainbow chard with enough leftovers for soup.

ps… One last chance to help Gloria before her deposits are due. If you haven’t checked it out yet, please do. She’s nowhere near old yet, but she’s got a head start on the dangerous thing! Just click here!

Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach

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