What humans make…

We make a great many things, we humans.

Dinner. Money. Mistakes. Art. Laws. Love. Roads. Assumptions. Music.

Well, you get the drift…

We also make meaning out of our experience.

Almost all of us.

I’ve been thinking about that a lot.

Yesterday, April 12, 2022, there was, apparently, a whole lot of meaning-making going on that was largely outside my experience.

Meaning about what was going on in the skies.

As I am only beginning to grasp it, the event happened at 10:42 am EDT on Tuesday. Here’s what I learned, paraphrasing from an expert named Meg Benedicte…

Jupiter, the planet of expansion, truth and knowledge, met Neptune, the planet of dreams, visions, illusions, and enlightenment at 23 degrees Pisces…

This last occurred in 1856 and won’t happen again until 2188.

This event was a powerful day to pay attention to intuition, dreams, and visions, as well as expanding capacity to access our Soul purpose and plan.

I “happened” to read about this once-in-a-lifetime event about 10 minutes before it occurred. And, just between us, I felt pretty clueless.

We did not cover such things in nursing school or seminary!

After pondering a bit, I realized that people had been making meaning out of the skies, just like this, since the beginning of time.

Or, at least, wondering.

And, if we’re going to wonder, wondering about our soul purpose seems like it might be a really good thing.

It’s kind of like what I think of as my Big Why?

Which is pretty close to asking ourselves about the meaning we’ll make out of our lives and experience.

Here’s the part that fascinates me.

It’s really, really hard to ask questions like that in the abstract, because we are creatures of context.

Here’s an example. Imagine that, 10 years ago – even 5 years ago – you’d asked Volodymyr Zelenskyy about his sense of his soul purpose.

I’ll bet the answer would have been different – at least in magnitude – than it would be today.

The world changes. We learn new things. We see new needs for our gifts and passions.

Most of us who are breathing today could not have imagined our world as it is in this moment just a few years ago. BUT, if we try, together, to imagine the next right things for our souls and our neighbors, maybe – just maybe – we’ll get closer.

With a bit of help from the planets and stars…

Which, maybe – just maybe – are the prayer dots of the Creative Divine!

In any event, I know I’m all in for expansion, truth and knowledge… dreams, visions, and enlightenment.

ps… just in case you’re in for things like expansion, dreams, visions and so forth – and could use some help along the way – I have space in my red tent for just a couple of new individual clients. Curious??? Click the link and the calendar elves will find us a time to chat! (My gift to you!) ’tis, apparently, the season!

The elves & I are ready!

pps… the art is my Forest of Grandmothers #wip – hope in a red tent!

Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach

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