Weddings are acts of Very Large Hope…

Now, I suspect, more than ever before.

And some of the debates over the rules may not get you where you want to be!

I’m a Fiercely Compassionate Grandmother and I believe in Hope. And Choice. And I have a whole lot of experience in working with couples.

Especially, in what we used to call pre-marital counseling.

In fact, I wrote my doctoral dissertation, in the mid 1990’s, around the notion of who gets to decide who gets to get married.

I think you get to decide! And, these days, I prefer the word coaching. There are a lot of reasons for that. The most important one is that I’ve collected a whole lot of tools in what I think of as my Medicine Basket, ready to help partners work together to create the life they long for.

And, yes, I also officiate at weddings. Or – to update the language a bit more – celebrate!

If you’re reading this, you’re probably planning a wedding. Or planning to be planning a wedding!

Here’s the FIRST thing you need… hesed! (Which is Hebrew for steadfast love!)

And, just in case there are a few more things on your list, here’s how I can help…

  • Pre-marital coaching with couples, focused on your specific situation, and cool tools for coping with common challenges. Some or all of that can be done, wherever you might be, on Zoom!
  • Ceremony planning and celebrations in and around Atlanta, Georgia

One of these days I’ll have a shiny, dedicated website where you can read more, specifically about weddings. I don’t usually put things out in public before they’re exactly the way I imagined them, BUT I’m feeling led to open this door now!

To offer new possibilities to people ready to commit their lives to each other, despite the archaic political and social obstacles which seem to be multiplying by the moment.

Call it news and elections. Call it big learning in my world. Call it encouraging information about my left knee, if you want. (Which is actually quite helpful!)

But in, with, and under all these things lives the fact that I have two granddaughters growing up in this world. And this world needs, in my estimation, a good bit of work. Work I LOVE to do!

Book some time to talk with me about your Very Large Hope… 45 minutes. My gift to you!

And, for your curious self… a couple of links to some of the bio & perspective stuff. Feel free to wander…

The Real, Deep-Down Sue
Degrees and Titles and Big Dogs, oh my!

And an email address… in case that works better for you. I’m here when you’re ready to take your next steps!

So looking forward to hearing from you!

Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach