Waking up in Lego Land!

Dave was the king of Legos. We had lots. Actually, we had way more than lots.

And, in those single mom, full-time student days, we didn’t have much else when it came to toys.

Transformers were the super cool thing back then. Dave built his transformers out of Legos. Seemed like a great deal on many levels!

My girls are fans of Legos, too. The pink and purple Cinderella ones are big favorites these days.

We still have lots of Legos.

There’s a closet in our basement where a stash of Dave’s stuff still camps out. Lots of that stuff is Legos.

I’m thinking some of them need to move to Virginia but taking them on a plane is a bit of a challenge.

This week, though, it’s kind of me with the Legos.

We’re ramping up for the next game of Furniture Yahtzee at our house.

(Shhhh… please don’t tell Luther just yet!)

My Muse painting came up with the plan. And, oddly, she’s right. Somehow, in the last couple of days, she’s figured out how to solve several of the chronic logistical problems we struggle with and get more space and better light for painting at the same time.

I’m optimistic!

After a day or so of pondering, Bill is in.

I’ve spent much of today wearing out my measuring tape and plotting what will go where.

Here’s where the Legos come in.

Lots of our furniture is composed of small tables and rustic benches in various colors, along with bits and pieces of homemade shelves and cubby holes.

I’m busy rearranging them in my head…like Legos!

The guy who built our house, back in the early 60’s, would probably be appalled.

We’ve lived here for almost 20 years now and I’ve never felt too tied to what’s “supposed” to go where.

I think we’re about to bust out a bit further.

I will admit that if you want to quilt and paint and collect enough books for a small library, while living with three Newfoundland dogs and stockpiling soup bones and raw dog food, a bit of busting out is necessary.

Then there’s the matter of the basement steps which don’t work too well for me or the dogs.

Hence, furniture that works like Legos.

And the occasional gift of a whole different perspective.

In this case, one that has, apparently, been lurking inside me for a while.

All this transformation will probably take a couple of weeks.

We’ll need to rent a bit of muscle, after we review the plan 47 times and wear out another tape measure.

Some touch up paint will probably be involved here and there.

I have bigger paint plans for the hall, but that’s a problem for a different day.

I’m still hoping to win the HGTV house in South Carolina, but that’s a bit of a commute so making this one work better seems like a good start.

That, and finishing the Muse painting.

And crossed fingers for Luther. His pattern learning thing is about to get interrupted!

In the meantime, I’m grateful for Legos.


Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach