Today, Grammy Is Nesting

The windows are open, probably for the first time in six or seven months! The sun is shining. A gentle breeze is blowing. And the humidity is a miraculous 39% !!!

This is one of those days that comes with a huge reminder to luxuriate in them when they’re here.

Assuming, of course, that one of the definitions for luxuriate is nest. 

There’s a lot of that going on around here. You see, our kids are coming for Christmas! We’re thrilled. And also very aware that a house which is a bit tight for two humans and two very large dogs has some functional stretching to do.

Bill’s job is to run up and down the basement steps with boxes for me to sort, organize, and consolidate… after some significant recycling, trashing, and donating.

Last night, one of the boxes in the heap was filled with old notebooks from an almost forgotten adventure in quilt school, some very welcome clean sketch pads, a couple of matted prints from our favorite fish house in Florida, a whole stack of great stuff for TreeWoman’s collage collection, and the sweet little reminder you see above of why this all matters so much.

That’s our first granddaughter, snuggled into a hat I just had to have for her and a blanket I made.

It’s also all of our kids and grandkids. Yours and mine and all the world’s. The wee teachers who help us grow. The reasons we vote and recycle and make space in our worlds. The ones we so want to keep safe and perfectly who they are.

So, as the machines go round and round, and I remind myself for the umpteenth time that the washer needs to be leveled, I’m headed back to seasonal closet re-arranging in the room that’s usually known as the dressing room but doubles as the girls’ room when they’re here.

There’s dog food to unpack when Bill gets home with, I truly hope, the shelves I ordered from Container Store.

Tomorrow, more painting. Art, not walls. And a pot of soup.

Some days I wish there were three of me and I could get more done. Today, I’m enjoying nesting. With a bit of time for prayer dots…………………………………………..


Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach