To everything…

A miracle happened this morning!

I opened the door to the deck to let the beasties out for their stroll around the back forty. (This is not the miracle part. Well, kinda, but that’s a physical therapy story!)

Then I noticed. It was like a breath on my arm. The first breath of fall. (In Atlanta, this is, indeed, a miracle!)

Soft. Ever so slightly cool. A bit damp in the not-totally-humid way. And the light was different, too.

Phoebe and Luther felt it. They actually stayed a while, wandering. And then they bounded up the stairs for their treats and water.

Bounding, by the way, is also a miracle for two huge dogs, one of whom sees with his heart and one just joining the little old lady syndrome crowd.

As for me, I’ve been humming. If you’ve been hanging around for a while, it’s probably obvious.

It really does feel like some new seasons are beginning.

My Unified Archetype painting, aka The Critic & The Muse, has been quite chatty. Insistent, really. I’ve actually figured out – or drawn my way to – how all this works for me.

This, as you probably suspect, is a shift that makes room for so many other things to shift… and heal. The magic is still in my head. But, stay tuned! There’s a whole lot of new to share on the way.

My Artifact painting is still mulling. And looking forward to gathering for salon time. I’m, kind of oddly, feeling very settled about where we are at the moment.

Also on my list for the afternoon is an online thing with a politician. He and his not-remotely-esteemed opponent are doing an awesome job of reminding me that language isn’t the only thing which creates reality.

Images create reality, too.

And I, in my reality, am hoping and praying for huge amounts of newness, come November. (Also, helping… my action for the day!)

Which is to say, I guess, that I do believe in times to every purpose under Heaven. And I’m counting on the possibility that those times may come even in the midst of chaos. They seem to, for me.

ps… it rained just a bit and then I went hunting in the garden for more signs of impending fall. The grapes have doubled in size and are almost ready to turn!

Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach

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