Suitcase? Medicine Basket!!!

By the time you read this, I will be safely in Grammy Land!

The Legendary Husband and the big beasties will be home, holding the fort.

For today, though, the list is long. And part of it is kind of a revelation!

Laundry??? Very most favorite paint shirts, leggings, and a bit of BlueFish stuff (also paint spattered) just in case.

The magic denim vest – aka wearable purse – complete with intentionally opinionated, fiercely compassionate buttons.

Two pairs of shoes. One for airport security. One for actual – you know – walking.

More assistive devices than I would choose in fantasy land, but I really, really need to hug my kids!

All the miracles of modern science required to be “gone” for several days.

And enough crucial other stuff to require up-sizing the luggage choice…

Red thread. Anointing essential oils. My collection of crystal and artisan beads, so the girls can teach me to make jewelry. And books, of course. Where the Crawdads Sing, The Book of Love, and something about Jim Henson, with Muppets and art. (Also, there are bookstores there!)

Reliable rumor has it that, in addition to trying out a new recipe from The French Laundry Cookbook, there are lessons in molecular gastronomy awaiting me. (Dave is not so much for making jewelry!)

I have signed a bunch of petitions and emailed a bunch of senators. Mine & the rest of the gang. I imagine you can guess!

The dog food elves delivered last week so canine starvation is unlikely, even though Phoebe would tell you a different story if you asked.

In a lot of ways, things feel chaotic to me.

And, yet, I know an old, old story about the creation which is born in chaos.

Which may just explain why the bubbly, fountain-y sensation inside me feels like progress on my path… my Epic SuperPower Path which seems to be leading me in the direction of becoming my own Medicine Basket! Are you… making progress???

Would you like to make more progress??? I can help! Just click… READY!

ps… in honor of my trip to the D.C. neck of the woods, here’s another opportunity to get your very own “able to choose” tank top! Several colors. Lots of sizes. And still 20% off, along with everything else! But hurry!!! Christmas in July ends Sunday at 11:45pm ET. (Go figure elves!)

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