Stage Fright… and things that go bump in the night!

Okay… truth?

About the time you read this I will be – or will just have been – reading one of my poems out loud in a Zoom group.

And, yes, it’s scary!

I write what I feel in the deepest parts of me. Those parts which are often connected to tears. Tears which don’t help the – you know – reading in public thing.

While I write these words, though, or something closer to typing what’s written itself inside me, The Voice is on TV.

I’m fascinated with the diverse group of people with dreams… with hopes so big… that they actually stand up in front of who knows how many strangers, and those who love them the most, and SING.

Trust me when I tell you that what they’re doing feels way bigger than the nightmare most preachers have had which involves standing up to proclaim the Word and realizing that they’re standing there naked. (Really!)

One of those people on The Voice this season is the same age as my older granddaughter.

This – as you’ve probably guessed – blows my mind entirely.

It also causes me to wonder what you’re dreaming that you want enough to do that kind of figurative showing up naked.

Trust me when I tell you it changes life.

And knowing that leaves me wondering what my girls might find in their worlds that matters like that to them.

I’m just hoping, with all my heart, that they will.

And I’m all in for standing beside them and encouraging them and loving them for showing up in whatever way they choose.

And that means protecting them from things they’re not ready to handle yet, while absolutely resisting the urge to protect them from opportunities to learn. (And having an endless supply of tea and Kleenex!)

So, yes to reading a poem on Zoom.

Not because I’m longing to, in and of itself.

But, because it might – just might – open a door for a sister who has been longing to and just hasn’t yet.

Meanwhile, it’s still Giving Tuesday in the USA, which is a great chance to do some good. (Though, in my case, not in nearly as many ways as my emails today suggested.)

I’m just saying there are other ways to do some good, too.

And I’ve got a closet full of tea and Kleenex!

ps… in the spirit of showing up, I’m inviting you to drop by FierceArtWithHeart and check out my work. (The elves have been busy with holiday pricing!)

pps… the mixed media image, above, is a glimpse of my work-in-progress for this Wednesday… the Co-Creator (and co-created!) emerging from the Vivid/Tapestry journey in Intentional Creativity® land. Can’t wait to find out what she wants next!

Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach

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