Reflections on a Bit of Heaven

It’s Spring Break, day four at Grammy and Grampy’s house!

Phoebe, the wonder aunt, is doing a great job. I’m pretending I don’t know about the bed thing, which she’s definitely going to have to forget before the rest of the herd gets home.

The girls are making quilts and they’re doing great! They’re making all the design decisions and, with some coaching, learning to do machine piecing, make binding, and iron. Lots of ironing! With a bit of help they’ll each have a finished quilt to take home.

Grammy will probably need a nap!

I think the refrigerator door has been opened more times this week than in all the time we’ve had it! Popular choices include almond butter with raspberry jam, seaweed salad, tuna salad, olives, and a lovely pot of halibut broth with sea bass. The girls helped pick the greens for the soup. (And ate them!)

Crab claws are on the list for Friday, Farmers’ Market willing.

We did leave the dandelions next door as they don’t belong to us and are suspect for Roundup.

In the meantime, my Muse painting is coming along, helped out by moving an easel and some paint to the living room entry way so I can paint while they sleep.

The Aquarium was huge fun! The girls liked everything best. Including the gift shop!

My esteemed garden helper is outside putting down a new layer of wood chips so we can hunt eggs without wallowing in the mud later this week.

It is a miraculous 77 degrees and sunny, with roses blooming and the microgreens taking over their raised beds.

I miss my grandmothers!

Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach

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