“Raised Right” is not enough for this moment!

Once upon a Sunday morning, quite some time ago, 11:00 arrived as it almost always does, and it was my turn to preach. There were a few challenges, that particular day.

It was a Sunday in October. A Sunday for which the Lectionary (complicated calendar of which scripture passages are “for” which day) was utterly unprepared!

You see, in addition to it being the whichever Sunday in Ordinary Time, it was also Stewardship Sunday, on Pink Ribbon Sunday for breast cancer awareness, in National Domestic Violence Awareness month.

Yep! Money, sex (well some people think so) and power all cued up for Sunday morning.

The three things you learned, if you were raised right in the time and places I was, not to talk about!

But I did. Because I couldn’t have lived with myself or faced the Creator of my understanding if I hadn’t. I mean, those people were sitting in our pews and not talking about those things wasn’t going to help anything!

This time feels just like that, somewhere deep in my raised right heart which has learned a whole lot of new things.

One of those new things, since then, is Grammy-ness. Elder-ness.

I’ve also learned that flying our Real Me flags is the best thing for us as humans-in-progress.

And, it’s what I want for my girls!

So, Grammy Camp! There’s still time for you to join us.

We’re also to make it more manageable in a stewardship sense. (Less of an investment!) Give us a day or so, please.

And you don’t have to be a Grandmother in the traditional sense to join us. Elders, teachers, youth leaders, even Grandfathers, and folks who don’t necessarily claim any of those choices, whatever your faith tradition. If you’re even a little intrigued, Grammy Camp is the place for you.

(That was, indeed, the money and sex – well, gender – part!)

Here’s the power part…

Trade in the loneliness, the fear of being irrelevant in this world, the terror of watching or imagining your kids entering a world that that looks deeply dangerous and foreign.

Come, sit in an (online) circle with the Dangerous Old Women – in training, of this moment! Practice your GranAlly skills.

Practice teaching and living the empowerment our world so deeply needs – from the smallest grandchild to the global community – and create the life you long for doing it, whatever your gifts or mediums, for yourself, but also so they can see you doing it.

Raised Right is no longer enough, if it ever was. Intentionally, together, we can make a huge difference. But you have to show up. The table is set. Hobby Parent and I are ready!

So, in a moment or two, when you click the thing, you’re going to find a handful of really fun/helpful bonuses that come along with Grammy Camp. Everything from soup recipes to dots of hope! And you can bring a friend for half price!

This is one of those moments. We are up to bat.


ps… my YouTube music is providing background inspiration as I write. No joke. Kumbaya. Just now. It means come by here!

pps… the art is along the lines of something known as Metacognitive Drawing which helps people make the changes they most long for faster and more easily by trying less hard. (Really!) The one at the top is me on that Sunday morning back when. The one just below is me on this Sunday morning, complete with my purple feather boa! We’ll do some at Camp. And kids can do it, too!

Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach