One of “those” days…

It’s been stormy, outside and in, today.

Just enough energy to feel oddly optimistic and scary!

The big beasties were a bit anxious about the vibe, though they voted to act out of love, rather than fear, and beg for their beloved bowls to be filled, despite the essential trip out in the wind and rain and thunder, first.

I relate!

Though, in my case, most of the oddly optimistic and scary energy is internal.

That, however, is a story for another day… after the language comes.

For now, a comforting reminder of what I’ve come to realize is my Big Why?

The Grandmothers Manifesta

We are the Grandmothers.

We are in charge of Hope.

We are not done!

We are becoming dangerous old women.

We hold those we love under our danger like a Tree of Life with bountiful branches.

We have spent our lives learning many things.

Some of those things were helpful. Some of them were not.

We will keep living the empowering things.

We will say goodbye to the things that were hurtful so they are not passed on.

We matter more in this moment than ever before.

We are significant. We are capable.

We have influence in the lives of those we love and in the world.

We are fierce compassion.

Using all our hope and wisdom, we will share these things with all the generations who come after us.

We are dreamers of dreams, tellers of stories, and makers of images.

We see our littles as souls bright with wonder.

We are the Grandmothers and we welcome all those who wish to be here.

Today, we choose to matter in the world.

It may be hard, but we are in charge of Hope!

– Sue Boardman, 2021

Today, in my world, being in charge of hope means taking a leap. (More to follow!)

For now, if you haven’t had a chance to take my Intentional Grandmothers Archetype Quiz, just click the pretty title and be magically transported to a land of perspective, knowing, inspiration, and community!

This whole HOPE thing is going to take a lot of us and we need to stick together!

ps… the photo! My girls have got a head start on the hope thing!

Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach

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