Of dreams and drummers…

Last night I spent about an hour and a half – just before bed – answering questions. Questions which are part of the beginning of a new Intentional Creativity® adventure.

“Supposedly” I was answering them for our fearless leaders. I suspect, though, it was more of a talk the good student into doing some reflecting kind of thing! And, yes… I do have those tendencies.

Having pushed send, I tucked myself in with my book and weighted blanket, after a challenging day with the physical therapist, and fell asleep… lights on, book in the bed. I think the dreams were ready for me to show up!

Or… I was ready for the dreams to show up!

The mystical woman you see, above, appeared first. An artifact of my Red Thread Guide journey, she feels like summer camp to me. And I love that!

And, as sometimes happens in dream land, the magic began… Joan Baez was singing along with the drummer! Singing summer camp songs from my teen years, heavy on peace and justice, with overtones of Woodstock. (The guitars-around-the-campfire counselors were just enough older than I was to teach me all the words!)

All of which makes perfect sense as the new creativity adventure, known as Animystica, has a lot to do with the kind of history which makes some of the folks uncomfortable. The kind of history many, many of us were taught to deny.

My friend with the drum, however, is done with the enforced denying bit. I’m done with it, too. The tiny turquoise dot on her throat is my claim and reminder that I am done.

And, if you look closely, you might see the dot people, gathered around our drummer. Prayer-dot people.

Embodied prayers for worth, courage, and em-power-ment.

And all of this… the dreams, the writing, the preparing… is happening in the context of the news. Which causes me to think we need several million more prayer-dot people!

Here’s what I know. My ancestors – many, many of them – experienced times like this. Some of them survived. Too many of them did not.

Part of the calling I feel is to re-member. To re-claim their courage and determination. To learn from their stories, even the ones others have tried to convince me were wrong, or didn’t matter.

The other part of what I feel called to is helping others to re-member and re-claim things. Things that will help them go forward with courage and determination because whatever happens next is going to be a whole lot better if we keep showing up!

It’s time, as I learned from the late Congressman John R. Lewis, for Good Trouble! I was painting deep background for something or other the night he passed on. And this is what showed up on my canvas…

Can’t you just hear Joan singing and the owls hooting? Let’s go do this!!!

I have 2 grand-teens trying very hard to grow up in this world,

Gnostic Judeo-Christian Mystic Medicine Woman walking the Way of Love (aka: The Fiercely Compassionate Rebel Grandmother, for Rent!)

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