Miracles of Modern Holidays!

Today, I am bowled over by the miracles of modern science. Or, specifically, modern publishing!

Let me start by admitting that I’m one of those odd folks who exists, nicely, without a microwave oven. I’m fine with slow-cooked food. Pots and pans. And an actual stove.

No judgment, here. Just what works for me.

Today, however, I am in awe. The UPS guy–the one who isn’t afraid of the dogs–brought the proof for the paperback version of  Grandmothers Are In Charge Of Hope in the bright, shiny, new 2nd edition. A couple of clicks on the website and a fast call to the CreateSpace help people later and the 1st edition is retired. The 2nd edition is available on Amazon, all updated and expanded.

Just in time for holiday gifts at a special holiday price!

Grandmothers. Grandfathers. About-to-be’s. Pastors. Teachers. Child advocates. Therapists. Midwives and birth doulas.

img_1016-2Just click the magic Christmas tree and it’s on its way from Amazon.com  (An extra click when you get there for gift wrap.) No standing in line at the Post Office!

And, maybe, just maybe, a moment to ponder the book that might just be waiting to be born inside of you. Many things are possible…

Which is, perhaps, the biggest thing to remember in this holiday season. The hope of words with the power to create new futures in a world desperately seeking hope.

Along with my deep gratitude to all of you for helping me, by your very presence here, to ponder and stretch and grow. We, each one of us, are part of the hope.

Blessings, Sue

Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach