Medicine Basket Your Way… Unsticking Stuck Money Stuff!

Let’s admit it. The world feels a bit like it’s gone tilt lately. Well, way more than a bit! And it’s likely that all the Scout badges and honor roll certificates and statistical formulas you’ve collected aren’t helping much.

While this moment in history feels new for most of us, it kind of isn’t. Our most ancient tales recount people of all traditions faced with needs to move on, or even start over. And one of the main characters in those stories, even if she got edited out, was a wise woman with a medicine basket.

A basket, or even a bag, made of whatever was local, and filled with her most trusted remedies…

  •   Roots and herbs
  •   Tinder for fires
  •   Seeds
  •   Fiber for warmth
  •   Objects of emotional, ancestral, and spiritual value

Most of us would pack different things in this moment – including, well, MONEY – but the metaphor is timely and power-full! It can also be a bit scary.

Packing the basket means making choices. It means leaving old, familiar, not necessarily helpful things behind to make space for options for the future.

It means facing the reality that we don’t know exactly what’s ahead, while at the same time we’re claiming hope. And claiming hope often means…

  •   A safe space to experiment
  •   Community
  •   New perspectives and tools
  •   Tissues and laughter


You, wise one that you are, are clearly wondering what kind of stuck stuff gets unstuck. There’s an answer coming… soon! We created the Medicine Basket Your Way process to claim our gifts from all the twists and turns of our lives. Yes, gifts! Which is, admittedly, even more a leap of faith in this moment than it was when we began. And yet, we’ve put together such an inspiring, calming, creative, utterly effective process that we can’t wait to share it with you!

When I dare to be powerful – to use my strength in the service of my vision – then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid. …Audre Lorde

As we call the circle, let us introduce ourselves…

I’m Dr. Sue Boardman. I grew up believing – because my Mom said it was true – that I was the smart kid. Not the creative kid. (She meant well!) Along the way, I learned to write and, as my Grand-girls came along, to quilt. Then, the author/artist known as SARK introduced me to the work of Maestra Shiloh Sophia McCloud through the Mother Mary Oracle Cards she illustrated. The new possibilities from that meeting led me to a journey known as The Black Madonna Pilgrimage, my introduction to Intentional Creativity®. My life changed!

I began to discover how our brains could make newness out of stuck… healing out of trauma… by using images and intentions.

My relationships with myself, my family, and the Divine have blossomed. My work has new focus which feeds my soul. And I have tools – medicine, if you will – for dealing with the bumps in the road. (Which, as you no doubt realize, is handy!) I am a dangerous old-ish woman. And a Personal Alchemist!

I also have more access to my dreams and intuition and I’m about to introduce you to huge learning from one of those dreams! For this moment, just know that there was nothing for me to do but learn to share the magic!


I’m Pearl… the voice from Sue’s dream! Many of you read my story in Sue’s blog. Thank you! Here’s a bit of what I said:

There are so many things that feel hard in the world. I’m tired of all the sad, tragic, helpless, hopeless things going on. I’m worried about people who feel like I do. Powerless, I guess. And I want to help. I need to help. I want to help others move on from old labels and losses and fears. To listen to their own deep wisdom.

And, yes, my photo has changed! You see, in addition to being the new intern around here, I’m also embodied Intentional Creativity and I’m having a make-over. I can’t wait to learn more with you!


And I’m Natalie Moyes. I’m just getting to know Pearl, but she seems to be a smart cookie.  Sue and I have been hanging out, virtually, since before pandemic. We’re in different countries and time zones, but in most ways we’re quite similar. Like Sue, I grew up as the “smart kid” with all the expectations associated with that label.

It was during an Intentional Creativity® exploration called Apothecary, under the guidance of Shiloh Sophia McCloud, that I began to appreciate the concept of having medicine within me to heal me. I had understood concepts like anti-venom made from venom, but learning that illnesses of the soul could be remedied from within was new territory!

I also learned that sharing this wisdom furthered my own healing. My first Medicine Basket came about as an exploration of my own gifts and tools to do just that.  And you know all that stuff Sue said about relationships, access and focus? Ditto. I am exactly who and where I am supposed to be. Let’s get you there

Now, for the plan!

… a small, supportive group of people who have dreams, too. Leaders who walk the talk. Real tools for real change, now!

And, yes… you’ve guessed it! Creativity will be involved. If that’s exciting, read on. If it’s rather more scary, read on anyway. You’ve got this! Materials for the journey will be simple, accessible, and inexpensive. You might even be able to borrow tools and techniques from your littles!

You are, of course, wondering about registration details!

We thought about pricing this at the Friends & Family rate for coaching sessions, which would have been $525 USD for a 4-week journey. But, we really want to reach people who are ready for power-full medicine and community, so we decided on an investment of $397 USD for Unsticking Stuck Money Stuff, which starts on April 5!

It’s time to be real… ironically, about money!

What if you had a $400 unplanned, urgent expense this month?

For many American families, that’s the amount of money that would mean postponing vital healthcare, not having enough to eat, or needing to borrow… often at major extra expense.

Those much-quoted numbers are often used as a measure of the stability of the US economy.

On a more personal level, such an emergency could mean anything from housing instability to forfeiting on loans to life-threatening illness to loss of dreams.

And money is only part of the problem.

For many, many bright, capable, hard-working people, the bigger part of the problem is limiting beliefs about money.

Leave the money to the men.

Spiritual people don’t care about money.

I can’t deal with money. It’s too hard.

Fill in YOUR limiting belief here ­­­­_____________________

Now, take a deep breath, please, and allow yourself to imagine that your relationship with money could be different.

It can!

And it starts with doing something new.

Yep. You’ve probably tried before. Taken a second job. Tried to learn the latest miracle bookkeeping software. Scrimped to pay off debt. Done without.

None of that is bad.

It just isn’t enough!

Until our beliefs get unstuck, the do-ing just won’t do it.

And, if you’re like many, many of us, that’s even scarier just now.

We can help!

Read on, Friends… there’s a magic discount code at the bottom of the page!

Here’s what some founding Medicine Basket peeps had to say

Adrienne: I noticed that it was really, really hard to write out all the obstacles I have – admitting it to myself that these were my thoughts was really hard for me.  It was almost as though I was thinking ‘What if we have to show everybody our inner dialogue?’  And the irony is that when you asked what everyone wanted – mine is self compassion. So, I found it a little ironic.  It was good to do the talk like a friend because it reminds you the inner cheerleaders need to be louder that the inner critic.

Elizabeth: A lot of the time the answers are inside you, you just have to get your brain out of the way and let it come out and listen to it.  It felt good to do that. I liked the unwinding part too, like the spiral.

Shirley: I think we know things but we just don’t know that we know them, or we just don’t believe them.  If it’s something from childhood where people just didn’t trust that you knew things – you knew you knew it, but nobody else did and so you learned not to trust that. So it’s not the first place we look. We look outside ourselves for answers and wisdom, rather than inside.

Megan: It was really fun! I enjoyed the exercise and meeting others. And it was therapeutic.

And more good news… the elves have been busy and there are bonuses... available right after you enroll!

DOWNLOAD THIS FREE ACCESSIBLE WORKBOOK based on the principles of Intentional Creativity® and learn how to tap into your intuitive language of creation in 5 minutes a day. (Or as long as it takes to drink a cup of your favorite tea!)

Invite your inner child to join you and grab some markers. You can print each self-contained page to go if there’s a park or beach calling to you. You’ll find the name of the exercise, a few words of explanation, step by step instructions, and a visual stick figure reference. At the bottom of the page, you’ll find a reminder of the power-full question at hand and space for journaling, as desired.

This collection of adventures is for you – no outside judgement! And listen deep. What arises will make sense eventually or, as Intentional Creativity® founder, Shiloh Sophia McCloud says, The individual seeking the healing becomes the healer they seek.

And, a complete, downloadable second edition of Dr. Sue Boardman’s Amazon #1 Bestseller…

Grandmothers Are In Charge Of Hope… real tools that build more love, stronger families, and a better world

According to beloved author and artist, SARK

This book offers an open-eyed perspective artfully designed to help us get the dearest people in our lives from safely held and soothed infants to capable, confident citizens of the world. This book is filled with everything from hope to roast chicken and welcomes the reader into a community of grandmothers – and grandfathers – building more love, stronger families, and a better world.

And, Marilyn Washburn, MD, MDiv, PhD, MPH, says…

Teachers, aunties, and grand-elders of all sorts will find tools that will have them saying, “I could do this; I could do these things!

Just in case you’re still curious… Here are some more details!

Our adventure will involve four Zoom meetings on Tuesday evenings from 7:30 – 9:00 pm ET. All sessions will be recorded for later viewing!

Unsticking stuck money stuff… April 5, 12, 19, 26

FAQ’s… or what people like you are wondering…

Do I need to be an artist to do this? We are going to make marks on paper but you DON’T have to think you’re an artist for it to work. Honest!!!

What if I really want to unstick my money stuff but can’t pay all at once right now? There are 2 choices about how to invest, depending on what works best for you.

I did the first Unsticking journey. Is this different? If you already did the first journey, welcome back! We’re going to build on the progress we made. AND, If you didn’t, no worries… you’ll catch on fast!

What if I have to miss a week? No worries! Everything is recorded, in case you can’t be there live every time.

It sounds pretty woo-woo. I need real! It’s NOT just woo-woo stuff. There are decades of learning and practice and certificates and genius behind all this! And some very cool “new” stuff, like neuroplasticity.

I’m still not sure I can afford it. We hear you and you DO need to take care of you! We do, however, have a couple of questions…can you afford NOT to do this? To stay stuck in a place that isn’t working as well as you need it to? Really???

But, what if I’m not good enough? What if my dreams aren’t big enough? The world really needs ALL of us – now more than ever – and we CAN help!

If I sign up for this journey, what do you guarantee will happen? It’s a totally understandable question! Here’s the answer that’s aligned for our team…

The magic really only works when WE do.

Our job is to create the container and to provide tools that reliably help people – real people who are open to change – get free enough to intend and allow it to actually happen.

The metaphor that came to mind last night was a fabulous stock pot as a container and excellent quality, down-to-earth tools for ingredients.

(And, yes, I have a thing for bone broth! Please feel free to substitute seafood broth or veg broth… we can work with all kinds of needs.)

YOUR job, should it feel aligned for you to join us, is to provide the thing that’s still missing from our pot of broth. The ENERGY!

Without that, we just wind up with a big pot of water and squishy stuff.

And, if you give week one a good chance and it doesn’t feel helpful, just let us know. We’ll graciously refund your investment.

Our friend, Pearl, who volunteered for the leadership team in a recent dream, has a few questions for those of you who are still debating about this opportunity…

What are you missing out on by staying stuck?

Who needs what you can share?

Who is looking to you for inspiration?

Here’s the magic discount code… herewego

Just enter it to save $100 (!!!) when you check out, using this button…

Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach