Life is for learning!

At least that’s what Mom says. If she’s right, I must be doing a good job!

Oh, sorry!  You don’t know me, yet. I’m Phoebe. Sarah is my sister. She says I’ll be good at blogging like she is. I’m supposed to start by telling you my story.

I’ve been here about eight weeks. Here is really good. I was in a couple of places for just a little while on my way here and they helped me, too. I guess I needed a lot of help.

The place I was for a long time, before, wasn’t so good. Everything itched. I didn’t have enough food or water. My eyes hurt. And nobody cuddled me and told me they loved me.

I heard Mom telling one of her friends that there were a lot of things in the world she can’t fix, but she could fix those things I need. That seems like a good thing to me!

I started learning new things right away, when Mom and Dad came to get me. Cars aren’t  so bad, after all. Sarah’s really nice, which is good because she’s also really big. I am, apparently, not so big for a Newfoundland. (I feel big, though!)

There’s always water around here. And they put food in my bowl two times every day! It’s good food. And then there are treats. Treats help me learn. Especially the thing called “sit” which we do a lot of, here.

I’m learning to walk on a lead which isn’t as bad as it sounds. Mom says the better I get at it, the more places I can go. Sarah and I both like to go along. One day I get to go along to Highland Pet Supply, where my food comes from. That sounds like a lot of fun!

I’ve also learned about something Mom and Dad call my “Personal Vacation Villa.” It looked a little scary at first but it turns out to just be a nice place to nap when Sarah and I have to stay home alone. There’s water in there, too. And treats. I’m not sure what “vacation” is but it seems pretty good so far.

We have a big couch for cuddling, which I love, but not for swiping food off plates. Mom seems pretty sure about that! The couch is also for something Mom calls “working” which seems a lot like cuddling, but with other people who come to visit. Sarah does “working,” too. I think we’re pretty good at it.

Oh, here’s another big thing! Sarah and I went to Camp. (Camp is easier to say than Jabula Dog Academy!) Lots of Mom’s friends are there and they helped us learn even more things. We have to practice at home. “Stay” is the thing that’s hardest for me, but I’m working on it. Everybody gets really happy when I do it right. I must have done it enough because I’m getting something called a “diploma.” I think that’s a good thing, too.

There are dog beds, here. And quilts. Sarah and I share. One day, not too long ago, Mom was doing that thing called “writing.” She said she was writing about how to help grandkids feel safely held and soothed and she wants me to feel that, too. I’m not sure what that means but Mom says everybody needs to feel that and I’m part of everybody so it’s ok with me.

I guess the biggest thing I’ve learned since I’ve been here is that where we’ve been in the past doesn’t determine where we can go in the future. The hot backyard I was chained in doesn’t keep me from learning new things and loving even more people.

Mom says that might just be the biggest thing any of us can learn.

Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach

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