In order to learn…

Welcome to the new website! I’m so glad you’re here!!!

It’s been a while in the making.

When I had just begun blogging on the first website, early in February 2015, there were only two things I knew. Writing. And I like things the way I like them. I didn’t know how to format a post. I could take pictures all day long but had no idea how the magic worked to transport them from the camera to the website. And, perhaps most frustrating, I didn’t understand why the theme wouldn’t do things the way I wanted them to be. I guess I thought it was like a quilt pattern that can be changed at the whim of the quilter. It’s been a challenging spell!

I still love to write. In fact, the blog posts have been a big part of getting two books written and published. And I still like things the way I like them. In this case, more layout flexibility, more pages, more choices, and a lot less visual chaos.

A growing understanding of the process helps! And a circle of very gifted friends who have helped make this all possible!!!

Wander around. Explore. Click on things. Check out the drop down menus near the top. There all kinds of new features waiting in there! Find a photo you like and read what goes with it. Because I’ve learned more about me, there are more stories to share. To find older blog posts without scrolling forever, click the little black sidebar in the top right corner. Then you can search by dates or categories. (It’s possible that there will be a few posts that haven’t been added yet in in the middle of the blog sequence. They’ll show up!)

In some ways, this new website is a visual representation of where I am in my life. And that place is called excited!!!

Recently, I was invited to join a mentoring program for writers led by the amazing author known as SARK and her equally amazing “Chief Evolutionary Officer,” Dr. Scott Mills. It’s a year long  experience designed to help writers get the messages that mean the most to them out into the big world. (Check out I am over the moon!!!

I really have no idea what will happen, except that there are lots and lots more things to learn! And I feel, in many ways, like I’ve found my tribe. These are people who live and breathe one of my own dearest beliefs…stories have the power to change lives.

About 30 years ago, I was finishing my Bachelor’s degree at Eckerd College, in Florida. The first course in the program was called Life, Learning, and Vocation. I’m not really sure what we learned except that it was all pretty terrifying. What I do remember is one quote, ascribed to the Quaker tradition:

In order to learn, we must be willing to be changed.

There are days when I think this tree must have learned a lot!

The photo is from a trip to San Diego, about 10 years ago, near where the harbor seals “haul out” on the beach at La Jolla. Odd that I’m about to head back there for some more learning! 

Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach