In case you, like me, are still learning…

Here are the how-to’s on my tech-y learning events this week…

This is what my 2 camera Zoom video set up looks like. You’ll need whatever you usually Zoom on (laptop, here) plus some sort of tripod deal that will hold your phone. (Thank you, Julie Steelman!!!) Mine has adjustable lighting which is a plus. (I bought this a while back, I think from E-bay which, as I recall, was less expensive than Amazon.)

Studio Angel is optional but Phoebe was helping!

Then, the video for how to hook up two cameras…

And, in case you’re perplexed like I was, the video for getting the email signature out of your computer and into your phone. In this case, iPhone.

I have no idea what the deal is with the boxes. More to learn!

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