Imagining Kindergarten!

I never went to Kindergarten.

There wasn’t any where we lived. Well, not in the public school.

I used to imagine what it would be like, back in those days before Sesame Street

Somehow, it always felt like a place with friends and lots of stories. (And no little sisters to keep out of trouble!)

There were crayons in all the colors and none of them were broken. (Remember, I was imagining.) And, best of all, nobody laughed when you shared your pictures!

I think I have found my way there! And the teacher is my Intentional Creativity® Sister-Friend Jenafer Joy!

We’re exploring issues about home. And believe me, Marie Kondo has nothing on Jena!

I won’t even attempt to tell anyone else’s story… this is mine, so far. I began Friday… and didn’t even have to sit in the corner for being tardy!

There I sat, with my mixed media journal and a stack of magazines and catalogs for collage. Scissors – pointy ones! And some paste.

Imagine a catchy, fast-paced video with music and gentle instructions which translated, in the most basic sense, to making a collage of our home. The heart kind.

My first evening’s work felt stiff and over-thought, possibly because I never went to Kindergarten! It still looks pretty much that way, but it has shifted inside which is, of course, where the magic happens.

I’ve also realized that, when one is pasting, doing the background first might well be helpful!

And, you know what? I’m having a blast!

Somewhere during the second round of pasting, just after a bit of paint dripping on another project, I became conscious of the fact that I had moved – emotionally – a while back.

Moved to a house where the homeowners’ association does not object to the yard sign which reads:

Compassion Lives Here…

Moved to a place place where the goal is not to look alike, think alike, believe alike, love alike.

Please hear me say that I am hugely thankful for having a house. The actual, practical kind.

I’m also hugely thankful for this awareness of claiming the new space which has been becoming in my heart… at least since the days when my girls were born.

The word-person who lives inside me is thrilled that there are poems which go along with the pasting. Haiku. This is one of mine…

Compassion lives here

Curling outwards from my heart

Ancestor wisdom

I have no idea what comes next, but I am curious. And walking the Way of Love.

ps… walking, too??? Two new styles of capri leggings, ready for your next adventure! Start here, and wander!!! (One style has a secret code!!!)

Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach

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