Hope… and shifting filters!

Today, I attended a Musea art show.

All of this is going to take a fair bit of explaining. And a trip down memory lane. So, pour yourself a cuppa and bring your filters, if you’re feeling brave. Or even a bit curious.

First… the show. The Mother Tree Collective Exhibition. A partnership between my Intentional Creativity® community and Treesisters, Intl. to plant actual trees in the actual world.

You’ve no doubt seen this painting before. Officially, she’s my first Tree of Life painting. The second-ever painting on my journey. Inspired by a Banyan tree, with her blessing bowl and multitude of prayer dots.

Unofficially, her name is Eve, which traditionally means (full of) life or living.

The painting didn’t actually get selected for the show but Eve came with me to view the hope and wonder of it all.

She’s already accomplished a lot, Eve has, since she came to form, early in 2018. A vivid reminder of my first encounter with the Divine Feminine, though I didn’t know the words yet as a pre-teen summer camper in a Florida state forest.

And, while I didn’t know it when I began the painting, Eve was already helping me get ready for my Fiercely Compassionate Artist painting who was to come soon after.

That was when I first noticed, consciously, that my world was changing. I had no framework for a painting who insisted on a quilt rather than the veil she was “supposed to be” wearing. And one of the pieces in that quilt says, In the image of the Divine, I create.

Which was a pretty big filter shift for me, along the path known as Color of Woman®!

And that reminds me that you may not be quite sure what I mean by the notion of filter.

Here’s the short version, borrowed from a guy named Bill Harris, about 20 years ago.

There’s a huge amount of information coming at us, from the universe, at any given moment. Two to three billion bits, as Bill explained it. (I can’t do the math!)

We, on our best days, can handle about 2 – 3 hundred bits a moment. Which is, at least metaphorically, the reason we all feel the way we do, these days. (Context matters!)

So, we have filters… most of them non-conscious, which decide, as it were, what gets in and what stays out. And the decisions are based on what matches the Map of Reality we have.

Yep. It’s kind of complicated at first glance. Let’s skip along to the good news.

We, with some coaching and practice, can edit our filters and our Map of Reality!

And that editing is exactly what was going on for me, paintbrush in hand, back in 2018 when I claimed the huge notion that lives, inconspicuously, in that colorful quilt. In the image of the Divine, I create.

Many, many, many more bits of information have bombarded my filters since then. And I am editing, still.

Today, I would say, instead, In partnership with the Divine, I create.

And so can we all, if we create with fiercely compassionate intention!

Which leads us to this fabulous act of fierce compassion…

This tartan fabric is being specially created in Scotland, now, to benefit the people of Ukraine!

And, there’s a fiercely compassionate chef named Jose Andres who, along with an amazing team, is feeding the people of Ukraine. Even though one of his kitchens was bombed this week.

And there’s a guy on a mountain in Vermont who writes things I wish I’d thought of. His name is Frederick Buechner. Here’s one for this moment…

The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.

Where is that, for you?

ps… learn more about the gorgeous tartan HERE!

pps… learn more about Jose Andres’ work in Ukraine HERE!

ppps… Eve & I hope you’ll check back for more info on video of the Musea Show. And click HERE for details about helping Treesisters plant trees! It’s a really big deal!!!

ppppswant to talk about what all this might mean on your path? Click HERE and the calendar elves will hook you up with 30 minutes… my gift to you!

Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach