Greetings from Grammy-Land… or Studio on the Move!

The Legendary Husband gave me my Christmas gift early. A denim shirt/canvas for the girls to help me paint!

My friends at Michaels obligingly shipped the fabric paint medium so I didn’t need to take it on the plane. (Along with a few other goodies!)

Cat proofing proved to be the first challenge. Well, okay… not proofing, exactly. Not with two 6-month old kittens! A plastic table with the canvas tarp all bunched up so that it didn’t hang over the edges helped. But, yes, they can jump that far. Fortunately, they are easily bored!

The first big question was, What should we paint, Grammy?

Answer: What ever you like!

[Time out for clarifying questions.]

Finally, we were all on board. I did, indeed, want my magic shirt painted with whatever they wanted to do. Any colors they chose. Really!

And while they painted citrus fruit and a bunny in sunflowers, I made fingerprint dots along the collar which was the most accessible place left.

Fingerprint dots which were, of course, prayer dots.

Prayers for health and safety and courage and kindness. Prayers for deep dreams and big visions. Prayers for joy. For all of us.

And, being considerably less flexible than my buddies, I spent a bit of time sitting and sharing some Solstice learning.

Totally new for the girls. Only slightly less new for me. (We did not cover this in nursing school or Seminary!)

We talked about time before calendars and living closely with nature.

We talked about time with ourselves and with others.

And, when there was concern about paint mistakes, we talked about layers and how things got even more interesting as we learned along the way.

Today, somewhere between swim team and field hockey practice (INDOORS!) we’ll paint some more. And find time to meet some more Grammies in my Forest of Grandmothers slide show.

Tonight, there’s a light show in a park!

And time to hold space for Maria, my new teacher – or Shima – which means one who is like a mother, while her mother makes her transition into the future.

For this moment, prayers for health and safety and courage and kindness. Prayers for deep dreams and big visions. Prayers for joy. For all of you!

ps… we’re getting closer and closer to Unsticking Stuck Stuff workshops… starting with big stuff for this moment! Stay tuned!

pps… holiday gatherings? Even the distanced kind? Have some fun with the Intentional Grandmothers’ Archetype Quiz! (And maybe pick up some visions for 2022!)

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