Finding Yourself!

The family mythology holds that my Granny Elizabeth once observed that she didn’t understand all the Women’s Movement conversation about finding herself.

As I heard the story, her comment was, “I’m not lost!”

I was probably about the same age, then, as my younger granddaughter is now. (She’ll be 12 tomorrow!)

And, if you’d asked me back then (though nobody did!) I’d have told you that I knew a whole lot about feeling lost!

I’m not sure if it was ironic or predictable that I went on to be the Camp Counselor who got the 12-year olds, the girls just finishing 6th grade, for my cabin every summer.

Nobody else wanted them.

I adored them.

They always seemed to me to be hanging out in the middle of the bridge between capable and needing support, but not wanting to admit it.

And I’m going to go out on a limb here.

It seems to me as though our world has got most of us right back there in the middle of that bridge.

At least those of us who are paying attention!

And the cool thing about the middle of the bridge is that, when we’re there, we have choices!

Also, support, if we let ourselves receive it.

So… Medicine Basket your way… Unsticking Stuck Covidian Era Stuff!

aka: What to do when you find yourself sorting a context you never anticipated!

And, yes… there’s been a lot about Medicine Basket around here, lately.

That’s because my sister-in-magic, Natalie Moyes, along with Pearl and Daphne the Bear and I believe in you and in what we can all do when we all get unstuck enough to do it.

Taylor’s request for her birthday gift implies that there might be a few things she’s feeling a bit anxious about these days.

How could there not be???

Grampy and I, of course, sent what she asked for, along with a book that’s been calling her name.

Medicine Basket is, deep in its core, the same thing.

Trying something new, with some enlightened information, that will, predictably, feel comforting and result in real life working better, now. For you and the ones you love!

If that sounds good to you, be like Taylor. Click the link. Learn some more. Take a chance on asking. We start Tuesday!

Be Like Taylor!

ps… might there be two people in your home who would be interested??? Invest once. Get unstuck twice! (And, there are bonuses!)

pps… like mailing gifts to tweens, there is a guarantee!

Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach