Dreaming of Frogs!

I didn’t spend a whole lot of time sleeping last night, but I know I must have slept some because I woke in the midst of a dream full of frogs!

Bright green frogs in the snow, to be specific!

This is not quite as random as it might seem.

First of all, I have kind of thing for frogs. In fact, last August I went to hang out in the Frogyrinth with some friends from Learning Strategies in Minnesota.

It was a pretty amazing experience!

And recently, the frogs helped me out with a workshop at Vista Yoga where we explored the connection between Intentional Creativity and Intentional Movement.

The little guy in the picture is a homegrown Georgia frog which he’s pretty happy about just now since his northern cousins are no doubt spending the winter swaddled in double layers of bubble wrap to protect them from the snow.

I wouldn’t be too surprised if you were wondering what might have triggered the frog dreams.

I think it’s the Moon Gate. The Moon Gate is the portal through which one enters the Frogyrinth and then, eventually, returns to the regular world.

There are, of course, magic words. This is my version, patched together like a quilt from wise things my Intentional Creativity and Qigong teachers have said.

I am in the Universe. The Universe is in my body. The Universe and I are one. All my channels are open. I am fully healed and healed enough. I have the energy and strength to live my passion in generosity and abundance. I welcome this change. 

But, why now?

Well, there might be a Moon Gate, of a sort, in my future. In fact, there are undoubtedly many of them. In this moment, though, there is one in particular looming, as it were, before me.

So, after I abandoned the froggy bed for my magical comfy chair and a fragrant cup of jasmine tea, I wandered a bit through the internet seeking the dream symbolism of frogs.

Someone named Aunty Flo, who seems to be a bit of a frog fan herself, says that, generally speaking, dream frogs symbolize rebirth, transformation and renewal… possibly inner transformation, personality transformation, professional transformation, or major life changes, especially if the frogs are green.

I know. It sounds a bit fringey to some of you. (It feels a bit fringey to me!)

But, there’s that Moon gate parked in my path. And the need to seriously clarify my intentions.

And the welcome reminder that I am healed enough. (At least most days!)

So, I suspect, are you!

You can borrow my froggy friend, just like I’ve borrowed the big guys from the land of the hardy vikings. Turns out they’re great traveling companions on the road to whatever is calling you.

I’m thinking my girls need stuffed frogs!

PS – One more sleep!




Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach

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