Dream Buddies!

Wait, please!

Yes, I am going to invite you to Medicine Basket before we’re done.

But, FIRST, I have a story that might be really useful to you in this moment. A story with a couple of perception shifts that feel like gifts to me.

Yesterday morning, I actually slept until there was light in our room. (This is something of a miracle lately!)

The reason I know I slept that long is that, when I opened my eyes, I could see the magic surrounding me. Just like in the photo!

I spent a bit of time in that dozy, between-the-worlds place, doing one of my favorite things…

Yep! Noticing and wondering.

Well, in this case, maybe more like wondering and noticing.

You see, I’ve been wondering about something really big for quite a while. Consciously, for exactly four and a half years… since July of 2017, when I first encountered the land of Intentional Creativity®

I didn’t dip my toe in. I dove. Deep.

The Black Madonna Pilgrimage.

I was so new at the whole “art” thing that I’d pretty much only ever painted walls… mostly with rollers. I had to ask the home team how to wash paint brushes!

Little did I know that journey would shift virtually all of my filters. That I would begin to see and hear and explore things which had never managed to make it through my list of extremely well educated shoulds and oughts.

Or, perhaps, should nots and ought nots would be more accurate!

Here’s what I know in this moment… my faith has become way more about offering all who are seeking company on the path of life some new ways to see and make choices, than it is about blocking out things – or people – which don’t seem to follow the rules.

Or, to put it another way, I’ve decided I’m able to choose without needing to block out big chunks of things that are useful just to claim new ones that also work!

And all those Divine Feminine images on my walls – who’ve helped Natalie Moyes and me hatch up the Medicine Basket your way journeys – are inviting you to join us on the path!

This next bit is all you!

The answers to all the regular questions are waiting for you and all you need to do is click the big, colorful letters near the bottom to discover them.

There’s also a link to my calendar in case you have questions we haven’t yet imagined!

Here’s the thing… Our whole world has become a lot like my deep dive into the Black Madonna Pilgrimage… a place most of us never imagined.

A place we didn’t have strategies for.

A place filled with a great deal of loss and – in a way that’s much harder for many of us to see – some new opportunities.

And, for all that newness, we need new tools! That’s what Medicine Basket is all about.

Finding and claiming the tools we need going forward. (Which is the only way we can really go!)

A safe place to experiment and ask big questions.

Guides who’ve been on the path for a while.

The path which leads not so much out as it does beyond.

Here’s the thing… the journey won’t be the same without you. So click… just in case you hear the paintings on my walls whispering your name.

Click HERE for new perspectives, answers to questions, and a power-full choice!

ps… this journey is not about “art” as in the stuff the High Museum would hang on their walls. It’s about using new tools for changing things that matter to you!

pps… who might you be able to help if you were less stuck???

Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach

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