Door Number Three

One of the big things that has changed in our high-tech virtual world is that we no longer need to wait for September to climb on a bus and go back to school. We can go at the push of a button.

I’ve pushed that particular button several times recently. (Which is no huge surprise to lots of you!)

Many students of brain function and human development hold that the most difficult thing people learn to do is to read. A large number of neuro “switches” are all required to click on before we are ready to read, no matter how eager we, or those around us, may be.

I was eager. Never having been to kindergarten, I clung to the promise that, in first grade, I would learn to read. Truthfully, I somehow supposed that meant on the first day of first grade!

I’m grateful that I gave it a few more days and the miracle did, indeed, happen. (This was a miracle I appreciated even more in the days when I was trying to learn to read Hebrew!)

Today, I had a new thought.

Having pushed that back to school button several times, I was faced, this afternoon, with two live calls and a webinar I needed to watch, all in the same hour and a half time slot. Sally, Dick & Jane did not torment me that way!

My choices could loosely be classified as the fun one, the potentially really useful one, and the more familiar one that, in a very real sense, supports all the rest of the choices.

Yep. I chose door number three. The one that, if you boil it all down, is really about taking care of me so that I can do the rest of the things I care about.

It wasn’t really an easy choice. The world isn’t necessarily in favor of our making choices like this. And yet, if we’re going to make a difference, we must. Not every time, perhaps, but quite often.

So, food, today. (Stay tuned for details in the coming weeks…)

And, conveniently, there’s a re-run of the fun one coming up, as well as one more opportunity being scheduled for the really useful one. (As there so often is!)

The other good news?

All that learning and not a little plaid dress or a stiff, squeaky pair of shoes in sight!

It is really, really, really never too late!


Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach

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