Did you ever pretend?

When you were small, did you ever pretend that you were invisible?

I did. Possibly because I sometimes felt like I was. And it felt safe.

I’ve been pondering that a lot, lately.

And it’s time to quit pretending.

It’s time for a different use of the letters, v-i-s !

It’s time because, while invisible definitely has its comforting moments, I also have a vision.

And, just between us, vision and invisible don’t feel like they go well together!

So… photographs. On camera interviews… one with actual tears.

And you know what? I’m actually okay with all that. Stay tuned!

And, yes… if you’ve known me for a while it’s fine to gasp or laugh or whatever. (Me, too!)

But, that thing on my emails about having two granddaughters growing up in this world… that’s changed a whole lot of things for me.

The things I’ve learned about Intentional Creativity® as a powerful healing modality, layered up with a bunch of the other amazing things I’ve gathered along the way, have left me with a new batch of filters and a whole lot of medicine in my basket.

Medicine for me, certainly. But also medicine for this world where my girls – and all our kids – are growing up.

Kind of ironically, one of the voices in my head these days belongs to my old friend and teacher, Walter Brueggemann.

Yep… Just tell the story!

It’s kind of the point where all my medicine comes together. Stories don’t help much unless we tell them!

And the telling part is the part I can choose.

Gladly, I have a buddy on this road. My IC sister, Natalie Moyes. And, together, we have a plan. Medicine Basket, your way… unsticking stuck stuff!

Lots of stuff. The kind of stuff that comes with navigating this Covidian era. And, after that, the kind of stuff that has to do with money. And bodies. And relationships… all kinds. Stuff that gets in the way of living into visions!

Four journeys of 4 weeks, each. Your choice… 1, all 4, or any combination that calls to you. Guides along the way. New medicine for your basket. The kind that you choose.

Here’s the thing… we start, virtually, on February 22, 2022. Some of my friends tell me this is auspicious! (I had to look it up!) Here’s one interpretation…

A power day known for “Divine energy channeled into material form…. and all the 2’s will maximize your creativity!

I’m certainly no expert on numerology, but… why not? What could be better than maximizing our creativity for getting unstuck???

Just below this, in bright purple text, I’m going to add the link to all the details for the journeys. And I’m hoping you’ll take a big chance and let yourself check this opportunity out.

Now, please. The early-bird pricing ends on January 31 and Natalie and I want to make it as easy as we can for you to join in!

Click for more information and the magical sign-up button!!!

ps… the bonus elves are busy in the back room and there will be prizes!

pps… yes! please share this email with people you’d love to be in circle with!

ppps… questions? HERE’S MY CALENDAR LINK! Let’s chat!

Sue Boardman, Certified Intentional Creativity®
Color of Woman Teacher & Coach